Saturday, October 18, 2014

Autumn Roses

'Angel Face' Rose has blessed us with one last bloom. 

The Garden Angel gazes lovingly at her namesake. 

Above her, tiny, ruffled, 'Pink Grootendorst' 
competes for attention. 

We have had a very mild October. 

Fuchsia also continues to bloom. 

Whitey Bear rests nearby. 

'First Prize' lives up to its name! 
You can see how large her blossoms are
by my nearly hidden hand. 

I planted all three of these roses just this spring. 

They are gifting me with one last flush of blooms. 

'Joseph's Coat' blooms alongside. 

My succulent 'Bird Bath Planter' is 
in the foreground. 

I planted this rose, named 'Peace', in commemoration 
of my Dear Mother and Father.

My Mother loved yellow roses. 

This beautiful climber grows right alongside my deck. 

It started budding a few days before my parent's anniversary. 

I watched the rosebuds every day....

Slowly the buds unfurled....

And then, right on the exact date of my parent's 
anniversary, they bloomed. 

I always gave them a dozen yellow roses 
to commemorate their special day. 

And now they are sending me yellow roses. 

A symbol of their love.

I plucked a bloom in remembrance.

And opened a page to find
captured blossoms from lovely summer days

And a favorite poem.

The Angels are smiling.....



  1. What a beautiful post, Karen. Not only the roses and flowers are so pretty, but the memorial to your parents with the lovely poem, picture and yellow rosebud, touched by heart.

  2. It is amazing that you still have roses flowering! Ours were finished so long ago. A lovely way to remember. xx

  3. Gorgeous roses and beautiful remembrance…

  4. Such a lovely post, Karen.
    The story on the roses in remembrance of your parents was heart warming. God's beautiful grace.
    Sweet blessings to you.

  5. Such a beautiful and heart-warming post. And now they're sending roses to you . . . That huge pink rose is amazing, it's so big! And love the little angel gazing at the rose. And oh, your view! Gorgeous.

  6. Such a sweet and heartfelt post. The roses are so lovely and your pictures superb! I love the ones you planted in memory of your Mom & Dad. That First Prize rose is enormous! Wow!


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