Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thoughts in the Garden

After a long stretch of cool rain, 

we are finally basking in a few days of sunshine. 

Although rain has its own glistening beauty,

I am ready for some warming rays. 

Mothers Day started out rainy and cool, 

but just like magic, the sun started shining

and we were blessed with warm, dappled light by afternoon. 

My son, Gabe and wife Erica, hosted a Mothers Day Brunch,

honoring both of their Moms.

I snapped this quick pic of my meal;

Herb Quiche
Rosemary potatoes,
Fresh fruit,
Tomato and herb bread. 


And this....

From a tray of assorted little cupcakes.

It was a collaborative effort
and so very delicious and appreciated.

We all had a wonderful day...

They are all crazy.....

So full of fun and when they are all together, it is comedy central. 

Here, Dad photo bombs my two youngest, Jennie and Dustin, 

mimicking a previous, favorite photo bomb 
that they pull out of a drawer nearly every visit. 

All it takes is one glance at this photo to set them into shrieks of laughter.

Brother and sister, moments before.

I just shake my head. 

Erica's Mom and I both shake our heads

 as we ignore them and continue catching up. 

We exchanged flowers
 and she sent me home with this Azalea beauty. 
(I gave her blue hydrangea)

My family knows I love flowers
 and they generously spoiled me. 

Flower filled pots,
and Hanging baskets. 

I am embarrassed by all the fuss, 

but they smile and hug me and start telling 

stories of their teenage years, 

and I am reminded that maybe I deserve this, and 

maybe a cruise around the world, too. *smile*

Today it is just me, and my furry companions (and one feathered),

but I have another lovely memory to savor. 

At this time of my life, solitude defines my days

and these family gatherings are treasured. 

Once I craved solitude, never having a moment to myself. 

Now, that is my daily life. 

It was an adjustment, but I am embracing it. 

Until I am blessed with grandchildren.....

Mothers Day reminds me of my own Dear Mother. 

This is a treasured photo of her next to me.

This was a happy day and I remember it fondly.

Three of my younger sisters pose with me.
(There is one more - a baby then)

We did not have a perfect family. 

Like most families, we had our struggles. 

But this particular day was filled with love and sweetness. 

Even though my Mother was not the perfect Mother, 

she and I both shared the full understanding of 

the power of forgiveness amid-st the frailties of 

the human condition. 

Sifting through memories to save the love that lives on. 

That is how I have discovered the true secret to happiness. 

Finding those sweet, treasured moments, 

and framing them in my mind. 

We can imprison ourselves with sad or difficult memories. 

Or we can look at every experience,  the good and the bad,
as an illuminating lesson in life.

Each moment has value and we can grow from each experience.

Sometimes even blooming......

Another treasured moment - my eldest daughter, Heather and I

all dressed up at my son Gabe and Erica's wedding 2 years ago.

Heather had it framed on canvas as a Mothers day gift to me.

A captured moment forever in our hearts.

My sweet girl has overcome a lot in her short life,

but she keeps her positive outlook and bright smile.

So as the moon rose in the sky on a warm spring evening, the day after,

I reflect on life's many lessons and blessings.

Knowing that I am never really alone.

As the heaven's watch over me, (including the 'Man in the Moon')

I can gather the many strands of my life,

illuminating the love, like silver moonbeams on the garden,

And reflecting back the lessons I have, and have yet to learn,

as I remember to treasure each day.


I hope all of you who celebrate Mothers Day
had a lovely day of treasured memories, too.

Or at least a few laughs.

I will be taking a short break, Dear Friends, to catch up with life.
I hope to be back soon! 



  1. Hola Beatrice que linda su familia y como crecen los niños que ya no lo son .. Veo que tuvo un hermoso día de la madre en un llovido día

  2. Looked like a lovely time love the flowers everywhere.

  3. i am glad you had a great mother's day - filled with smiles, laughs, cupcakes and photo bombs. :)

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  5. A beautiful post. Enjoy your little break. Blessings. Pamela

  6. I could feel the chillness of your climate. Sounds you had a wonderful mothers day celebration. Nice to see all of you gather for this day!

  7. Your day sounded absolutely perfect! And how wonderful that you were spoiled with all of those flowers! You deserve it! Your family is stunning! Seriously! Just gorgeous! And I really liked that picture of you with your mom when you were young....how very true to grab on to those happy moments. Before we know it life just zips on by. I can not wait for the day when you say that you are going to be a grandma! I have a feeling it will be soon...and you will be the best!!!!! Wishing you a beautiful week filled with the garden and the suns warmth! Nicole xoxo

  8. What a lovely post Karen. You have a beautiful family surrounded with many memories. Life seems to slide by so very quickly, leaving us with memories of those which are good and beautiful, but also some that may not be so lovely, but that is life. We have to take the bad with the good to appreciate the whole of it.
    You will be missed, but enjoy your time away from the blogging community.
    Joy! Debbie

  9. So sweet, tender and thoughtful post Karen,I have the feeling that I read poesy...How right you are saying all these things about life and its "adjustments"... I'm so glad you are surrounded by a wonderful extended family. Love make us feel alive and fills our loneliness.
    Wish you a happy day!

  10. What a lovely post; I love the pictures and the yummy stuff you made for this special day.

  11. It sounds like you had a lovely day!

  12. Beatrice, what a beautiful family and home. I know you are blessed.
    We are so very Lucky to have our Children with us on Mothers Day.
    God Bless

  13. How wonderful of Gabe and Erica! I love those moon shots. I hope you have a great Wednesday Karen. Lovely photos as always :)

  14. You posted some great pictures again lately Karen! I love the portraits! :-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands,
    Gert Jan

  15. What started out as a light-hearted post turned a bit sad. Days like Mother's Day can always elicit strong memories from the past ... both good & bad. A little reflection on our lives is always nice to remind us of the good things that can be drawn from it. You have such a beautiful family, and it seems you're all making some lovely new memories to look back on. The photos are so nice, both family & garden/mountain scenery :) Wendy x

  16. You write so beautifully Karen, it is as though you are painting a picture of love with the words that you write. I hope that you enjoy your break and glad to know that you had such a great Mothers Day. xx

  17. Karen-This was a most wonderful post. I read, and re-read, parts of it...something I rarely do on a busy day. You are blessed. I was talking with another Karen this morning about imperfect parents and it is what we choose to remember and hold on to that saves us from despair. That and letting go of hurts that we seem to hold close to our hearts. Forgiveness-easier said than done sometimes.

    All your pictures are wonderful-family and all- but those first two are magazine worthy. xo Diana

  18. You have such a beautiful family Mrs Karen. God knew you have been through the hard times and sometimes He wants you to enjoy the delights moments. I adore your heart to your family - I know that feelings and thank you for sharing.

    Did I mention before that you have beautiful daughters :) let me say that again.


  19. I love the weet flowers with reflexions!

    Nice evenig to you!

  20. Thank you for sharing your Mother's Day with us Karen. You have a beautiful family who clearly love you and each other, you are blessed! Have a wonderful break, well deserved my friend. xx

  21. truly loving post - your words flow so calmly and beautifully -- it fills my heart and my minds eye can picture each moment of what it might have been -- flowers and family goes together perfect!
    Happy Mother's Day dear from -- all the best and enjoy you time away..

  22. Looks like a lovely Mother's Day, Karen...enjoy your break...

  23. It sounds like you were indeed blessed on Mother's Day, dear Karen. I loved seeing pics of you and your family. You appreciate and treasure life to the fullest. Blessings to you! xo

  24. What a very sweet and loving Mother's Day post my dear. You certainly got spoilt by your sweet kids and your daughter in law. How nice that you and Erica's mum exchanged gifts. Really thoughtful. I love your canvas photo with Heather. You must got your good looks from your mum. You all look beautiful! Enjoy your break and hope to see you all refreshed and ready to take on the blog world.

  25. This is a beautiful post Karen! Your children are so good-looking, just like you! I love how you remind us, as we sort through our memories and our past to try and frame the good times and learn from and let go of the bad. It can take a lifetime, but is a blessing. Your children were so kind to give you a brunch, and it's great to be friends with your DIL's mom. I am too, and it makes the get-togethers even better. Your deck is so pretty with the flowers. I have to get to mine. Have a good break!

  26. Karen sensitive post! How much of your day with your family, delicious food and great photos Beautiful painting of his daughter, as you seem to (I think I've mentioned this to you)!
    I'm finishing painting my porch blue color of the sea, I remembered your post bring the sea into the house ... is very relachante ..
    Soon put pictures of my new home.
    Do not linger because I miss you, ...
    A big kiss

  27. What a lovely Mother's Day celebration, Karen. You made me think about mothers, and motherhood, and daughters, and how our lives are all entwined, both good and not so good. Your flower photos are just lovely, and the luncheon and visit perfect for reflective sharing. I know you are on Pinterest. Check out my Board "A Wish For My Mother" that I made for my Mom the week before. My Boards are alphabetical so it will be easy to find. After reading the "description" start at the bottom to follow it chronologically. If I'd been better at this, I would have created it backwards, but as it is you have to start at the bottom. It made her cry.

  28. What a lovely post in so many ways. Filled with beautiful flowers, joyous time with family & friends, great food and words of wisdom. I enjoyed stopping by.

  29. I haven't been online lately, Karen. The Universe is whacking me, upsetting my world, making me wallow in the sad moments. And what a blessing to go straight to your site when I turned on my computer today. Your words direct me to the path of healing. Thank you. <3

  30. Such a beautifully reflective post - full of the things and the people you love. It sounds like your mother's day was a lovely one. Enjoy your peace and alone-time..........the grandchildren will come and you will once again be in high gear!

  31. Hi Karen,

    So glad you had a lovely Mothers day with your family and enjoyed seeing all your lovely photos.
    Sharing flowers is always such a wonderful gift.
    enjoy your break

  32. So beautiful! the photos and the thoughts... xoxo

  33. Hello my friend! Your posts always bring a smile to my face - you are full of sweetness :) Thank you for always sharing such beauty, your photos are always captivating.

  34. Lovely post. Your place is lovely, the flowers are beautiful. You have a beautiful family.. Have a happy day!

  35. A delightful Mother's Day tribute. Like most families we enjoy each other and can laugh and laugh.
    Enjoy your break.

  36. Hi Karen, sorry I missed this post and hoping that you are enjoying your blog break. I love the picture of you and your daughter and the two of you look like sisters instead of mom and daughter. It looks like you had a nice Mothers Day. Take care.

  37. Karen, I miss your blog!. I Walk also absent because of work here at home and my husband's sister with depression, a terrible disease that we have to fight with all the strength to help.
    I hope all is well at home with her beloved animals. A big kiss and many miss you ...

  38. Hi Karen,

    I hope you are enjoying your break and springtime. Your patio looks so pretty with all those annuals! You are so blessed to have such wonderful children.

  39. Just checking in from up here on the Island. I hope you are well, and that the break is working for you........missing your posts.

  40. Well, apparently, I am back from my break! I enjoyed catching up reading your delightful blog. You and your daughter look more like sisters! Hope all is well.


  41. Beautiful shots, and how wonderful to have this fun on mothers day. It will be sooner than you can imagine that you will enter that magical time of being a grandmother. It is wonderful fun too! Glad you enjoyed your break!


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