Thursday, May 8, 2014

Some Good Fences Along The Way

It has been a typical spring here. 

One day it is beautiful and sunny, 

And the next few days it rains. 

So come along with me
 as we take a rainy drive to the market. 

My windshield wipers can hardly keep up
 as we hit a sudden squall! 

The beautiful purple plum trees have lost their bright pink blooms
and now have their deep hued leaves. 

This weathered horse fence graces the front of a horse stable. 

You can see the covered exercise pen behind. 

This sturdy fencing graces the fields
 of the large farm against the trees. 

 Cottonwood and Douglas Fir tower above.

The frequent rains keep things very green. 

A lovely Cherry tree frames a view 
of neat fencing behind a messy yellow shed. 

A surprise! A herd of cow Roosevelt Elk!
They seem a bit nervous 
as vehicles slow to take a look. 

I worry about them while I shop, 
but they are gone on the return. 

Elk are passing through this time of year, 
moving into higher pastures for the summer.  

A pastoral scene behind barbed wire. 

A vintage beauty on the same farm. 

Don't you wish old trucks could talk? 

For some reason, I just love this old farm. 

The plain little house is painted
 in the the loveliest shade of faded pink, 
guarded by an ancient, twisted fir. 

The winter wind gets strong right here, 
rushing down the mountain passes
 on its' way to the sea. 

Purple mountains behind are obscured by the low cloud cover.
 I have seen the moon rise here and it is quite lovely.  

I can imagine the view from the modest
 little farm house window.

Another lovely cherry tree behind a neat fence. 

This building is a 'small plane' garage. 

It sits across from a private air strip. 

There are several lovely homes along the grassy strip, 
all with small planes. 

Now wouldn't that be a lovely way to get around? 

A better view of the pretty fence. 

We're at the top of my little mountain now - almost home! 

These giant rocks were found when clearing our mountain road. 

This property is ringed with these large
 (and mossy) stones to keep vehicles from taking 
short cuts around the corner. 

After a wet and blustery ride,
we arrive home to the reward of a rainbow.

A lovely ending to our day.

I hope you enjoyed a rainy drive
 with some Good Fences along the way!

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  1. Hello dear you!
    I enjoy your post so much. The pictures and the writing was so GOOD!
    Yes, may is up and down, but I ilke it this way.
    Many greetings

  2. Hello Karen,
    When I was a child I always declared that when I grew up my house would be ringed with white horse fencing. Such a lovely, albeit wet, drive.
    xxoo, m

  3. You have a lovely wild view from your house! Our weather is much like yours, with lots of rain showers.

  4. Once again so nice to see your beautiful part of the country! I have seen elk like this in huge numbers in Wyoming. So impressive. We only encounter them in our mountains a few at a time. Once, out hiking, a pair of females sauntered out in front of us very close across the path at dusk. Huge and beautiful. I envy your showers too! Have a lovely Mom's Day this week!

  5. Thanks for taking me along on your ride! I love all the fence shots and the cute critters. The elk are cool. Wonderful post and photos.

  6. you have a beautiful drive, even in the rain! the elk herd was a surprise - that they were wild and not 'farmed' there. :) love the horse fencing and that sweet little place you like, too. beautiful trees, lovely farms. i like those big moss-covered rocks, too.

    thanks for linking, karen!

  7. WoW...that was a rainy, fence filled ride!! i enjoyed all the views but the old truck was my favorite. i wish we could have made this trip in that, i want a ride!!

  8. I enjoyed the ride in the rain, i too like fences for some reason, maybe it os because it keeps your castle safe.

  9. Lovely sights you saw on your rainy day drive. Pretty scenery and lovely old farms, and the elk you saw was pretty neat. I'd have loved that drive. Have a great weekend :)

  10. I just had to pop back in and thank you for the suggestion to dry my new peonies! Hadn't thought of that! Hope you're having a sweet day!

  11. Thanks for taking us along on that lovely rainy day drive! A nice surprise to see the elk. And a pretty rainbow at the end of the drive.

  12. The weather now is just like the first photos in your post - it is really coming down right now. The fences are lovely, the elk are gorgeous and the cherry trees are in top form this year. What a lovely drive! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Oh, it was a rainy day there! I'm glad you took pictures of fences along the way though. It was interesting to see the countryside even in the rain. I imagine it's quite beautiful there on a sunny day. Have a very nice weekend!

  14. Mrs. Karen,
    Thank you for taking me to riding all the way home! Oh how I love the farm area, and pink house and the trees and fences. That's crazy of where you live and I always be jealous that you always see the rainbow :D
    It's almost 3 days and no rains here it's almost turn to dry season in my country. Anyway, I read your sweet email - thank you so much! and I replied it last night.

    I hope you enjoy your days at home, in sewing room during the rain outside.

  15. Hi Karen, A beautiful post... being in the UK rain is my second name... we are so used to it (lol) Love the sweet houses & fences on your journey back from market...Have a happy weekend... Hugs May x x

  16. Wow; what a LOVELY rainy drive♡♡♡ Beautiful exotic scene with fences and wonderful surprise for me; Roosevelt Elk and cherry blossoms from you♡♡♡
    Happy for your sweet rainbow ending as well, dear Karen.

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  17. That was such a wonderful rainy drive, such beautiful scenery even in the wet. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Spring weather here too :-)
    Lovely pics and lovely rainbow.
    Have a nice week end

  19. Karen, I sure enjoyed that lovely drive in the rain. I love to go for drives ! One of my requests to both of my daughters for when I am old and can no longer drive, is that they continue to take me on drives.
    Driving along with you has been wonderful!
    I too live fences for some beautiful reason.
    Have a delightful day!

  20. Well despite the rain you managed quite a selection of great fence shots. Have a great weekend.

  21. What a beautiful rainbow and what a lovely sight to return home to! That sure looked like a lot of rain though, hope that things are a little drier for your weekend. xx

  22. A beautiful drive in the rain! The elk are awesome and the rainbow is the perfect end to the drive.

  23. What lovely photos. Thanks for taking us along to the grocery store. Things can still be beautiful in the rain.

  24. That was a very enjoyable ride, even if the weather didn't want to cooperate. What a pleasant surprise to see the elk! And then, that lovely rainbow!


  25. Spectacular photos! I was walking home yesterday when there was a sudden downpour in the next street - I could see the air fill with the rain. The children were out on the playground at the school and like a flock of birds they all began screaming with surprise (possibly delight?) and rushing about. Such a funny sight! Strangely, the rain was so localised it wasn't so heavy where I was. I love the elk and the rainbow. Thank you.

  26. so many beautiful images, views... what a great ride you had. and to finish it off you had a rainbow. how wonderful. hope all is well. have a great day~

  27. Wow what a drive. So many great fences but I've got to say the Elk and that Rainbow stole the show for me.

  28. Some good fences for sure, Karen! And lovely views of your world! Interesting to see the elk, too!

  29. Hello Beatrice,
    I saw your blog on my friend, Carolyn's blog. While browsing through your lovely posts, I chose to comment on this one, as I saw the wonderful rainbow on here. I believe that it's a gift when we see a rainbow, so I received a gift today through your blog. You have many special pictures on here, and I especially loved the mother's day post. I lost my mom five years ago, so I really miss her around this time. Me and my daughters also have a blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. It's so nice to meet new friends, especially from different areas. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    ps I love quotes too, and enjoyed reading all the ones you have on your side bar.

  30. Yes - I do wish the old trucks could talk along with the farm houses - I believe there would be so amazing tales!


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