Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Wonderland

We woke up to a cold and snowy landscape - our first snow of the season.

It was just a slight dusting.

As the sun rises over the mountains, illuminating the clouds of mist, 
I hurry to set out the hummingbird feeders. 

Flocks of birds fly over from their roost in the foothills 
towards their busy day of foraging in the forest and fields. 

Tiny leaves of Thyme glitter in the morning sun. 
Whitey and Champ wait for me to join them on our morning walk. 

First they are patient.

But soon they want to play.

Whitey is an American Eskimo. He is in his element! 

They leave a maze of footprints behind. 

I could see the skies darkening yesterday in anticipation of the snow. 

We had a long stretch of mild weather in November, coaxing flowers into bloom. 

Just yesterday this beautiful Lenten Rose unfurled it's lovely petals. 

Winter pansies keep blooming despite the cold. 

And this little surprise - a sweet and cheerful primrose tucked under a plant rack, 
waiting for spring. 

But this week will bring sub-freezing temperatures 
from the Frazier River Valley in Canada. 

We will stay cozy and warm. 

They say that cutting firewood warms you twice - once when you chop it, 
and again when it is burned. 

Maggie can vouch for the latter. 

I leave Maggie cozy on her cushion and hurry on my way to feed the birds. 

This sweet pair waits patiently for my hand out. 

I have been busy gathering supplies for some winter crafts during our mild November. 

A lovely harvest from winter woodlands. 

I will be busy during these cold winter days, cozily crafting in front of the fire. 

I hope to share the results with you very soon. 

Thank you, Dear Friends for your sweet comments and Thanksgiving Wishes. 

I hope you all had the very best day of Thanksgiving. 


Not chance of birth or place has made us 
Being oftentimes of different tongues and
But the endeavor for the selfsame ends,
With the same hopes, and fears, and

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -



  1. How very beautiful, inside and out! Do you have two wood stoves? And is that your main form of heat? (Sorry to sound like a market researcher - ) Your animals, wild and domestic, look very happy even in the cold snowy weather. And the mountain is breathtaking! Enjoy the season, Karen! xox

    1. Hi Christine - thank you for your sweet visit! Yes, two wood stoves, but the 2nd one is only used during outtages or when the temperatures drop very low, as it is in our bedroom. We do have supplemental electric heat, also, for the bedrooms. Thanks for asking and enjoy your week! xo

  2. That was a beautiful post, crisp cold morning and a cozy home to come back to after your morning walk just about perfect.
    I didn't realise the sky showed snow coming, we never get snow so it's all new to me.

  3. just gorgeous wintry views across your area! and blooms and hummingbirds, still. you live in a perfect place. :)

  4. Beautiful snowy photos! I also love the picture of your natural crafting supplies. You will need to show us what you make:)

  5. Such pretty glittering photos - we had a dribble or two of snow and it is all melted - but cold cold cold now. Can't wait to see the pretties that you make with all those lovely cones.

  6. Your winter wonderland is gorgeous! We are getting some very cold temps here this weekend!!! Ok and your nature collection for your crafts is just fantastic!!! I am a sucker for anything natural for my home and friend you have hit the jackpot! I can just imagine sitting in front of that fire with all of those goodies!!! And what a lucky lady you are to have had those blooms to keep you company!! Fantastic!!! Enjoy your projects and I can not wait to see what you do with them!!! Nicole xoxo

  7. Everything just beautiful here :) it's looks cozy and warm with love, and decoration.
    My favorite part is the leaves shining brightly through the sunlight.
    I'll be back to check out the crafts once you shared it must be delightful.
    Anyway, happy belated thanksgiving. I'm really for being late other day my interned didnt work and I must do some stuff. But I'm glad I could visit you again here.

    With war love,

  8. Dearest Karen,
    Wow, that is quite a change in view with that snow but miraculously to have all these blooms still out. Love that perfect white Helleborus orientalis. We tried to grow it here several times, as well as the darker Helleborus niger or Christmas rose. But in vain as it is too warm here...
    We did have two nights last week of subzero at 23°F but tomorrow it will be 75°F and Friday 78°F and that is not quite winter weather.
    You gathered lots of natural vines for making wreath and perfect cones too. That is great for winter time crafting.
    How those birds get used to being fed; they know and wait for it...
    Enjoy and stay cozy!

  9. Hello sweet Karen! It is SO good to visit you, dear friend :) The first photo left me speechless - what incredible beauty! It looks like you will be busy with Winter crafts; I just love all of your sweet items :)

    Have a wonderful week and many blessings to you! Big hugs!

  10. That looks like more than a dusting of snow to me but I guess it isn't a lot for the mountains! Your flowers are lovely and your collection of baskets of winter decor supplies is awesome!

  11. Beautiful photos!
    This week I'm working in the Fraser Valley, and it is cold! Yesterday it snowed and tomorrow temperatures are supposed to go even lower. Back home on the island we will most likely be spared snow - but some might be welcome on Christmas Eve.

    1. You live in such a beautiful area. Hummingbirds, flowers, and snow all at the same time. Looking forward to your craft projects.

  12. What wonderful scenery! I almost envy you--but then it passes :) I love seeing photos of snow, just not being in it. You seem to be all gathered up for the winter.

  13. Gorgeous photos of approaching winter...I would be joining Maggie she looks so comfortable ... Love the supplies you have gathered can't wait to see your wonderful creations....keep safe... Hugs May x x x

  14. Beautiful pictures you show Karen. DMI - has issued a warning of blizzard with hurricane in this country tomorrow, Thursday ...... we'll see. Wish you a nice day :) Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

  15. Such beauty! You are so lucky and I can imagine you creating during the winter months with that beautiful view of the mountain. It's all so exquisite! xx

  16. Your Winter Wonderland is lovely Karen. I love your view and I'm amazed that your beautiful flowers are still blooming.
    You are blessed to live in such a wonderful world :)

  17. The snow looks beautiful! And Whitey is definitely in his element. My mother in law has an American Eskimo too! He's named Blanco :) It looks so cozy and warm in your house with the fire. Your home is such an ideal setting for the holidays and any time of the year, really! :).

  18. What a beautiful post! And now I'm inspired to take a trip out into the woods to look for some crafting materials. My goal this winter is to try for a positive comment or thought about winter every day,and your cozy fire and making crafts will give me plenty to think about :)

  19. Oh Karen it is always so peaceful and fulfilling coming here. Hug B

  20. Aww your first snow! How pretty. I love all the photos, and how wonderful that you still have flowers blooming. We also have a fireplace and I just love sitting by the fire on cold winter nights. Can't wait to see all the crafts you come up with. Stay warm & have fun, Karen! xx

  21. Your photos and scenery are just stunning, Karen. We used to have a wood burning stove when living in Ohio and Michigan. I look forward to seeing your crafts from your gatherings.

  22. Karen, I love reading about your routine, feed the birds, the dogs waiting for you, mine is very similar, only with cats waiting to be brushed, petted and fed, read about it give me a good feeling that the other side of the parents have a friend who likes to do these things and have joy inside. The snow is coming, what a beautiful and warm your house, I'm dying to see the crafts that you will do with the things of nature.
    Kiss my great friend and a beautiful weekend for the whole family!

  23. Hi Karen, thanks for sharing all those beautiful photos. Take care. Julie

  24. My favorite photo of yours today has to be number 1... my oh my - that is breath taking photo and so far away and so clear!! And one other thing - my eye took a second look at those flowers - I am missing flowers already... Excited, I am to see what you are crafting-up.

  25. I just love that first image and the one of the mourning doves is lovely as well. Imagine being friends with Longfellow...sometimes I feel as if I am friendly with his writings...but imagine having him over for tea around your fire...We have had no snow as yet...but I know that we will.

  26. I can't wait to see your winter creations, Karen! <3


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