Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Day Dreams

Over the weekend 'The Girls' in two families gathered for a most wonderful occasion. 

My youngest son, Dustin and his beautiful sweetheart, Jennifer are getting married next August.

A wedding gown must be selected. 

We were invited to help. 

We agreed to meet at a bridal shop in North Seattle. 

My sweet daughter Heather offered to drive me. 

So I took the country roads early Sunday morning to meet her at her home. 

She had a delicious breakfast waiting. 

Homemade pumpkin muffins, fresh fruit and hot coffee. 

It was a beautiful morning, so we had our meal on her lovely patio. 

Birds were singing and a slight breeze captured the scent of flowers. 

It was so nice to have this time to catch up on each other's busy lives, 

and enjoy her pretty garden.

Transformed by her and husband, Eric into a lovely, private oasis. 

With a sweet kiss goodbye, we start our long journey to Seattle for our happy day. 

An hour long drive, but gone too fast when spending time with a precious daughter. 

And then - we turn a corner and the city of Seattle comes into view. 

I always get a little thrill .....Can you see the Space Needle? Look to the left, between the tall buildings. 

The black silhouette of the Columbia Tower dominates the skyline. 

I have been to the top for a private retirement party -
The views are amazing. 

We wind our way past the city center to the eclectic neighborhood of Wallingford. 

Where we find our destination. Without getting lost! 

Don't you just love bridal shops? 

So timeless and romantic. 

No dress was selected today, but several were put on the list. 

After lunch with 'The Girls', we parted ways with promises to meet again to continue the happy search. 

And so we make our way home. 

Past Seattle's iconic Space Needle and float planes,

landing on crystal blue waters. 

Back to familiar country roads, 

and fields of corn and flowers, 

with a heart filled with wonderful Wedding Day Dreams. 



  1. Such a lovely, memory-making day, Karen! Can you believe my daughter bought the first dress she tried on? We had no doubts it was "the one"! It was a most special day! Thanks so much for sharing and for stopping by to say hello today!

  2. awww, congrats to them on lots of planning for the next year! :)

    i love the country fence shot! :)

  3. Awwww how sweet! I love Seattle! How fun to visit with your daughter and even more fun to visit a bridal shop. Your daughter's patio is very pretty ~ and it is covered ~ something we wish we had out back!

  4. What a special day! It is so much fun to spend the day with a daughter.

  5. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful day, and more to come!

  6. Oh, what fun! This is such an exciting time, and so sweet that you made a girls day out of it!

  7. What a wonderful way to spend the day, it doesn't get much better than that. Just think, you'll get to spend another day dress shopping and hopefully she'll find one next time. Thanks for sharing your special day. I'm leaving for Oregon tomorrow to visit friends and taking my mom with me. The drive is half the fun:-)

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day with your girls! I've never been to Seattle, but it is on our list of places to visit.

  9. Lovely lovely photos. Your daughter's garden is wonderful. Great capture of the plane and the Space Needle. It sounds like a perfectly wonderful day!

  10. My goodness beautiful day clear skies... your daughter place is beautifully done.. great photos you have shared today.. My favorite is number #10 -- I love seeing kisses given..sweet!

  11. What a fun day with "The Girls". love your photos! A few years ago when I was coming home from visiting my daughter in college in Edmonds,WA I took a few photos of the space needle while driving. I made sure there wasn't any cars/trucks close to me to do it. Got a few shots. Then put it away. It is a pretty city. Portland is at night as well. We were up in the Nines a few years for a Christmas party and you can see out into Pioneer Courthouse Square and their Christmas tree.

  12. Oh what a sweet post. Spending a day with your daughter and future daughter-in-law and shopping for a wedding dress sounds like the perfect day.

  13. Great pictures you show Karen - not always easy to choose a dress for "the big day" - wedding.
    Wishing you and your a good weekend :) Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

  14. I was in that very shop not so very long ago. My daughter was married last year, and we made a trip down to Seattle for her veil, headpiece, shoes etc. What a wonderful day we had, and what a lovely time you must have had!

  15. So glad you had such a special day out with Heather. Her patio looks like a wonderfully serene retreat - and my favourite photo is the one with the kiss! And it's always wonderful to plan a happy event. I think half the happiness is in the planning and anticipation (if not overly stressful).

  16. How beautiful the Lord is that finally your youngest son is getting married soon with his sweetheart. Congratz :)
    I love that your daughter had good time with you in the morning with lovely view around the house and lovely birds when they're singing.

    I have no idea about wedding dress, but I prefer for something lovely and look simple :)

    I love the blue sky pictures. Looks like God's smiling to you through the beautiful sky.
    praying for you Mrs. Karen.


  17. What a treasure to memorialize such a special day. Your son is quite handsome and his gal is stunning. Congratulations to all.

  18. How wonderful Karen, My daughter got married last year I remember these visits to the bridal wear shop...I have never cried so much as she looked so beautiful in all of them...How lovely to spend time together sharing the beautiful bride's happy shopping day... The breakfast your lovely daughter prepared looked so Yummy...Love the photographs.... Hugs May x x x

  19. Oh what joyous times :) Sounds like a lovely day and congratulations to your son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law :) Have a precious day, friend.


  20. Such exciting times to come! And such a lovely trip, I felt as though I was in the car with you. The breakfast looked stunning and the perfect way to start such a special shopping day. It sounds as though you have a lot more to come before 'the dress' is decided upon. My cousin is shopping for hers at the weekend so I am sure there will lots of 'ooo'ing and 'ahh'ing. xx

  21. What a fun day!!! And your daughter has carried on the tradition of baking and gardening from her mama! Her garden is beautiful and how very exciting to have all of these wonderful changes and growth in your family!!!

  22. Dearest Karen,
    Congratulations to both families and what a blissful time to spend together with the girls!
    You show us precious photos and also from a lovely interior at the bridal shop!

  23. Planing a wedding is so exciting and right up your ally Karen. You and your daughter seem to enjoy the same things.
    Thanks for sharing the joy:)

  24. Lovely post, Karen! A delicious breakfast, a wonderful trip and the fun of searching for that perfect wedding gown together!


  25. Dustin and Jennifer look very much in love :) what a beautiful couple!

  26. That bridal shop looks gorgeous! What a happy time for your family. Loved seeing all the sights of Seattle. I've never been, but hopefully someday I can visit.

  27. Just so lovely...all of it.
    Your daughter has a beautiful, inviting home.

  28. Hi Karen, what an exciting time for all of your family specially your daughter. Congratulations to both of them. And Seattle; glad to have a glimpse of it. Thank your for sharing.

    Have a good weekend.


  29. Oh what a sweet, sweet post! I remember asking my future Mother-in-law to go with us to help pick out a gown before we got married. It was so nice to have her there. Your future in-laws have a lovely garden, and made such a nice breakfast. How wonderful! All my best to the young couple!

  30. Is there no occasion more thrilling than looking for that perfect dress? That was a perfect day for you, Karen - started off with your beautiful daughter and ended with your future daughter. How sweet life is! <3


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