Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Walk in Paradise

After our picnic on Mt. Rainier (see previous post), we venture forth to Paradise.

White Pearly Everlasting, Rosy Spirea, and Yellow Broadleaf Arnica bloom at the entrance to Paradise Inn

 Paradise Inn comes into view under clear summer skies. 

Paradise Inn - built 1916

But even the beauty of the Inn cannot lure us away from our immediate destination -
the alpine wildflower meadows shimmering above. 

Stairway to Heaven

As we leave the world behind. 

A doe appears above us
slipping behind hiker's unaware.

even as the spotted fawn trails behind. 

Blue Arctic Lupine, purple Mountain Aster, Penstemon, Magenta Paintbrush, and white spires of American Bistort. 

Leaving the main trail we follow the path less taken.

Where the Tatoosh Mountains meet the sky.

And purple Heather carpets the ground.

And the delicate scent of wildflowers float on mountain breezes.

Magenta Paintbrush

Arctic Lupine

 The peak of 14,410 ft. Mt. Rainier looms in the background.

Magenta Paintbrush, yellow Broadleaf Arnica, blue Arctic Lupine, white Avalanche Lilies

Are we in Heaven?

Truly Paradise on Earth!

Like a lovely dream

But with shadows getting long, we must head back.

Our alpine infused breath has been taken away.

We've walked through Paradise, high above the world.

Mere mortals are not allowed to stay.

With one last glimpse of Paradise.....

We reluctantly return to the mortal world.


Next time - Paradise Inn - One of the 'Great Lodges of the West'


  1. Oh my, what a beautiful place. I do believe you found heaven on earth!

  2. Wow Paradise Inn is really amazing-looking. I also love that picture of the peak of Mt. Rainier.

  3. Oh Beatrice it surely does look like paradise to me. Your photos are breathtaking. hug B

  4. Your beautiful photos perfectly capture Paradise. What a wonderful trip, one you'll remember always. If I were there I couldn't help but snip off a few of the flowers to root at home. Great post! -- Jan

  5. Gorgeous! We're hoping to get up there this weekend. Can hardly wait. :)

  6. What a gorgeous place...heaven on earth! It looks like you can reach out and touch the peak of Mr. Rainier.

  7. can hardly stand how beautiful that is!

  8. Oh so beautiful - thanks for taking us along.

  9. Hi Karen, I love these photos. I have never been there, but maybe when Steve retires, we'll get out more and do a few road trips. We do have plans to drive the Cascade Loop Highway in early October. I remember reading a novel once that was about the ice caves and Paradise Inn. Do you know if they still do ice cave tours?
    Thanks for letting me tag along on your outing.
    I enjoyed every photo.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Hi Connie, Thanks for 'tagging along', I always enjoy your sweet visits! How exciting to take the Cascade Loop Highway. The scenery will be lovely that time of year. To answer your question - sadly the ice caves at Paradise are no more. Glaciers evolve over time and the ice caves have succumbed to time. There are still some lovely photos of them if you Google. Hugs, 'Sis'. xo

  10. Quite heavenly!! Whomever named it Paradise hit the nail on the head!! I'd love to visit once my kids are old enough to hike.

  11. This is too beautiful for words! It really is paradise :)

  12. So Beautiful... you are so right Karen it is Paradise on earth... Your photos are wonderful, Thank you for the trip... Hugs May x x x

  13. Hi Karen,
    Stunning!! So glad to see all those blooms (and learn a few names too!) when we went up it was too early, what a show!!

  14. This is just so beautiful! Really stunning views!

  15. Oh Karen,
    you have wonderful life. I love visiting your blog because it always paradise to my eyes.
    the garden is so perfect as well :)
    have a great weekend.

  16. Dearest Karen,
    Wow, that was above all, such a perfect day for hiking up that trail, together with the deer and fawn. By the way, if you are way out in the wilderness, like in the previous post, you sure will have to carry a wapon for 'IF' you would encounter a bear or cougar I guess...
    But you really were in Paradise; heaven on earth; at least at this time of the year. Arctic lupine does hint about the other season's climatic conditions. Glad you took the time out for being two happy tourists in your own region! Even more glad I am with the fact you share it with us!
    Hugs and happy weekend.

  17. Wow. Some place to have a picnic!! :-)
    Just gorgeous! Have fun ;-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands,
    Gert Jan

  18. Such a perfect place and truly paradise! Everything looks so unspoiled and natural and your shots and words made me feel as though I was walking along with you. Have a wonderful week. xx

  19. Yes, Karen - you ARE in paradise! <3

  20. My god, that beautiful place, thank you for taking us along .... surprising. Beautiful week and a big kiss!

  21. Heaven or paradise all in one! WOW WOW WOW Karen. This makes me want to hop in my car and drive north. How pretty.
    Love ya,

  22. karen I just love these photos that you have posted. My husband and I had the privelege several years ago of visiting this spot, and I did think it was just amazingly gorgeous. Lucky you living so close to this beautiful spot! Great shots!

  23. Just stunning. Odelia will squeal at the picture of the doe when I show her in the morning. :)

  24. Gorgeous photos, Karen! The first time I saw Mt. Ranier, I was nineteen years old and in awe - a Southern girl who had never been up close and personal with such majesty before. I still remember that feeling. Took about 4 rolls of film! Imagine my surprise when the photos all looked alike - mountains don't move! ;-)


  25. That truly does look like paradise! How fortunate you are to take in all those lovely views. :)

  26. Wow, truly paradise Karen! I am so inspired by your first photo I am going to try and stamp something like it. I would love to visit Mt. Ranier one day. Such pretty vistas.

  27. Good morning Karen
    It's what I call "Paradise" - incredibly beautiful pictures you show - wish I could experience it LIVE. Wishing you and your a good day.
    Once we have summer weather in this country - sun + 22-25 degrees, but summer fades.
    Hugs Hanne Bente ♥


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