Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ramblings On A Beautiful Morning

I am sitting on my deck typing this on my lap top. The sun is shining warm, and the temperature reads 60 degrees! I have on just a light jacket. There is a light breeze causing the wind chimes to tinkle, and the birds are twittering. It is quite a contrast to the recent snow and ice we just experienced here.

So I am enjoying this little interlude.

I have before me some flowers that my sweet daughters gave me. My family took me out to dinner (Chinese, of course - my favorite) the other night to celebrate my debut as a newspaper columnist. They are so sweet. My son gave me a Starbuck's card that I can register on-line so I can get coffee and free wi-fi at our local coffee shop, while I write. I love that idea.

One of my daughters also gave me chocolate bon-bons she said I would need. So thoughtful, because that is surely the most important thing to fuel my creativity.

So while I am hyped up on chocolate and caffeine, I can whip out my columns in no time!

But seriously, it is so endearing to have such support! I am not used to getting all of this attention and it is somewhat embarrassing. I am the one that is supposed to be cheering them on. That has been my number one priority my entire married life.

It feels kinda good, though.

But tinged with guilt. I grew up in a time when you were warned that the worst thing you could do was to be a 'show-off'. We were raised to be modest and keep our accomplishments to ourselves. Being humble was a virtue.

And I believe that is the truth.

And so, it is very hard for me to accept attention on my behalf. I squirm. I feel uncomfortable. And I like it that way. It keeps me grounded. It keeps me humble. There are so many, much more important issues going on. It keeps things in perspective.

Can you believe that this little pansy is blooming right now? In fact, I have pots and pots of these little charmers blooming all over my deck. They have survived and continued to bloom even after being buried in snow and ice for weeks at a time.

A perfect example of how resilient nature can be.

And remember the humming bird that I was surprised to see in the middle of the snow? I thought she had somehow flown off course and mistakenly ended up here. But I have since done some research and discovered that she is an Anna's Hummingbird, and that yes, they do winter over! She has been coming to my feeder every day. She snacks on my pansies. I keep trying to get a picture, but she is so fast, by the time I get my camera turned on, she has flitted away.

I can't even imagine how such a tiny and delicate creature has survived this terrible winter.

But if you think about it, aren't we all tiny and delicate? As tough as we sometimes think we are, we are really very fragile, surviving on a sometimes inhospitable planet. It is amazing to think of what the human race has been through.

I love to see pictures of our beautiful blue and white swirled planet from space. So tiny and fragile in this immense Universe. I wish everyone could look at life from that perspective every day. Maybe they would understand how precious each day is.

It is not because we have fought each other and killed each other that we have survived. It is because we have joined together to build lives and cooperated with each other, that we have come this far.

We are all the same.

We all came from the same place and will be leaving the same way.

We are in this together.

Fragile, yet resilient. Like the pansies and the hummingbird. Who need each other to survive.


  1. Hi Karen,
    My name is Cheri Helsdon and your wonderful son Dustin is our IT guy at Olfield & Helsdon law office. I have know Dustin for quite a few years now and think he is the best. From reading your blog (when I am supposed to be working) I can see where he gets his goodness from. I also have had a blog and have not done a very good job on keeping it up lately. But you have inspired me today to get back to it! So I published my first blog since June. Congratulations on your New Tribune debut and I will be sure to read your column. Cheri

  2. Hi Cheri, thank you for your sweet comments! Of course I am biased when it comes to my son (whom I love dearly), but it is always reaffirming to hear good comments about your 'child'! I am glad that I have inspired you to keep up with your blog! You will have to give me your blog address so I can link up with you! xx

  3. Those are beautiful flowers - and what amazing weather! You deserve your moment to be the center of attention, after giving so much to others over the years.

  4. Good Morning,

    Yes it is nice as a mother to hear good things about your children from others and be assured that we raised them to be good people. My address is jurisdobes.blogspot.com thank you and I will look forward to comments and advice!

  5. Thank you, Christine, as always, so positive and encouraging. And thank you, Cheri, I am looking forward to linking up and sharing the blogoshere with you! xx


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