Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Sweet Spring Celebrations


Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are 

celebrating all of the good things in life,

and finding sweet and simple ways to lift your spirits

as we begin this season of resurrection and renewal. 


As you can see, I've been having some fun in the kitchen

to cheer things up for Easter. 

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest and thought I would try to 
create my own.

I used a tiny butter knife to apply the frosting

that held it all together. It was messy and took a little patience, 

but I think they turned out cute. 

Who doesn't love a marshmallow peep? 

Such a fun Easter decoration! 

We also just celebrated Ramblin' Man's birthday. 

It was just the two of us,  but I wanted to make it special. 

My family so wanted to celebrate with us. 

It will be so nice when we are all fully vaccinated. 

We just got our first dose of the Moderna vaccine. 

Another thing to celebrate!

His 1st birthday photo. 

The first birthday I celebrated with him was 
his 16th birthday 
when we were high-school sweethearts. 

We had no idea what life had in store for us, 
but even 'way back then' we were dreaming 
our dreams. 

Here we are a couple years ago in Italy in front of the Colosseum.
Time goes by so fast and before you know it, 
50 years fly by. 

From the first moment we met, we 'knew' we 
were meant to be. 

We've gone through good times and bad, 
when sometimes we held on by just a thread, 
but that golden thread wove the beautiful tapestry 
of our life together, the lives of our children,
and now our grandchildren. 

I baked his favorite treat - Boston Cream Pie cupcakes. 

We celebrated by reminiscing about happy times. 


I think that the older you get, the more you realize 

that it's the sweet, everyday moments that mean the most.

Kai loves a celebration, too!  

According to him, every day is a celebration! 


We can learn so much from dogs... 

Live in the moment. 

Never judge another by the color of their fur

or how fancy their collars are. 

Bury yesterday's bones. 

Loyalty is the rule. 

Playfulness is an important quality in a friend. 

Always greet one another with enthusiasm,

no matter how short the time you've spent apart.

Raise your hackles only to defend one another.  

Take lots of naps.

Always show your gratitude. 


I've kept my sourdough starter going, 

which is a cause for celebration :) and this 

time I baked artisan whole wheat bread.

I just ordered two new sourdough cookbooks so 

I can expand my repertoire.

I put my faux hyacinths under glass. 

Just because. 

Some spring flower celebrations. 

The wild plum trees are still putting on a show. 

I was taking photos of the mossy maple in my back yard 

when I noticed this little guy. 

We have Ravens living nearby this year. 

Mist in the mountain valley. 

Celebrating the beautiful countryside in spring. 

The beautiful tree where we turn at the bottom of our little mountain. 

Home sweet home. 

Last light on snowy hills. 

Celebrating another precious day. 

Wishing you Sweet Spring Celebrations, Dear Friends,

and many blessings, too. 



  1. Liebe Karen,
    endlich kam ich wieder dazu hier bei Dir vorbeizuschauen. Und es ist wie immer eine große Freude Deine Posts zu lesen und die Bilder zu schauen.
    Ihr ward und seid ein tolles, ein sehr hübsches Paar! Hattet Ihr auch "Goldene Hochzeit"? Du schreibst da etwas von 50 Jahren gemeinsamem Weg...Könnte passen?!!!
    Bei uns war es in diesem Februar so weit - wenn Du schauen möchtest, wähle diesen Link
    Zum bevorstehenden Osterfest wünsche ich Dir und all Deinen Lieben eine gute Zeit, wie auch immer Ihr sie verleben müsst.
    Bei uns wird es noch dauern mit dem Impfen...Deutschland trödelt hier mächtig...Verstehen kann ich es nicht wirklich...es geht doch um das Leben von so vielen Menschen...
    Was bleibt ist die Hoffnung, dass wir es schaffen einigermaßen durch diese Pandemie zu kommen...Passt auch Ihr richtig gut auf Euch auf und bleibt vor allen Dingen gesund!!!
    Alles, alles Liebe

  2. Liebe Karen,
    diese Übersetzungsprogramme haben schon manchmal ihre Tücken...Ich hoffe dennoch, Du kannst verstehen, was ich sagen wollte...
    z.B. dass Dein Mann und DU, dass Ihr Beide ein ganz wunderbares Paar seid - früher und heute!!!
    Nochmal alles Liebe für Euch ALLE

  3. I have peaked in on your blog for years (I was FleaChic) and everytime it warms my heart. Thank you for the unrelenting positive and uplifting posts. And Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Easter! Finally the weather has improved and you have lots of colourful flowers and blossom to enjoy, it's a wonderful time of year. I'm glad you have had your vaccinations now, one step closer to being able to have your family parties again. I love the 2 photos of you both, before and after,still going strong. Take care x

  5. A lovely post, so nice to see all of your photographs.
    The Spring flowers look so colourful and cheerful.

    Lovely pictures of you and Ramblin Man and I agree with you it is the sweet, everyday moments that mean the most.

    Happy Easter Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  6. Happy Birthday to your dear Ramblin’ Man, Karen! I’m sure that he enjoyed those Boston Cream Cupcakes. Your little Easter houses are so cute! All your flowers make your deck look like Spring has sprung. I have been making sourdough bread for 18 years now. It’s a commitment but I love it. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  7. Happy Easter dear Karen! 🙏 🐰 🌸 And happy belated to your hubby! I love the bunny houses - so adorable! And your flowers and nature there look beautiful as always. I think I'd just hang out on your deck all the time. 😊 And look at you becoming a sourdough pro! I'm impressed. And I love that you caught a hummingbird pic. They're my absolute favorite. I hope you had a blessed day today. And a wonderful week ahead. xo

  8. Eastertime & springtime! Lovely pictures of you and your man :) Take care now and have a great day...

  9. Happy Easter to you both, wonderful pictures and post. I had my second Moderna shot and passed the two week point. No waiting for hubby to get his.

    Hugs Diane

  10. Oh Karen, I cannot tell you how much I adore the little biscuit houses, the bunnies look so happy.

  11. Lovely post and happy pictures :) Springtime is here (even if its still cold outside)...
    Hugs from Titti

  12. your little easter huts are adorable - i must remember that project for next year!! i didn't decorate for easter, it seemed kind of silly since i knew no one would be coming by. my knitting friends all have the sourdough starter and they do well with it. i have just been baking bread and that has gone well for me!!

    the house looks great, and of your spring flowers are beautiful!! happy anniversary, my husband and i were high school sweethearts as well!!

  13. Karen, what a beautiful post, felt like a mini-vacation for me! You two have barely changed from the back then to now photos!

  14. I love "just because" things! The happiest of birthdays to your sweet husband. How lovely you have loved each other for most of your lives. Hopefully next Easter you and all your family can enjoy many happy celebrations together. Your little Easter display is sweet. I love your reflections re dogs....we can indeed learn so many life truths from them. Why, I believe they are much smarter than us humans. Have a beautiful day, lovely Karen.

  15. Karen, seeing your photographs and writing always brings a smile to my face! Your home is such a lovely expression of who you are. Love seeing photographs of you and your husband from long ago! Happy Spring! xo


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