Monday, August 17, 2020


Hello, Dear Friends, it's been awhile.....

I've been so busy and also trying to deal with our new reality, 
just like all of you. 
Things are a little bit unsettling right now. 

I've been finding solace in my gardens 
and trying to stay busy to take my mind off things. 

Roses always fill me with calm and give me hope. 

The universal symbol of love and fidelity. 

Life can be so uncertain these days.....
but we must have hope that the angels are watching over us. 

We must try very hard to live in grace, 
just like the little bird who sings his solitary melody,
 despite all of the many unbearable hardships of life.

"God appoints our graces to be nurses 
to other men's weaknesses."

-Henry Ward Beecher-

"We're all stumbling towards the light with 
varying degrees of grace at any given moment."

-Bo Lozoff, cofounder of the 
Human Kindness Foundation-

While I ponder the meaning of life :), 
we have been very busy with a few projects 
now that The Mr. has lots of time on his hands.
He does the hard work and I am the helper.

He has scraped, power-washed and repainted the deck. 
Kai approves. 

He also painted the front steps 
and had 4 cord of firewood delivered.
Stacking it should keep him busy for a while!  

My son brought this firewood that he split, delivered
 and stacked, from a tree he had to remove
on his property. 

We usually go through about 5-6 cord a winter, depending 
on how cold it is. 
We also have supplemental electric heat, 
but there is nothing quite like the warmth of a fire
when that old north wind blows. 

I am also excited to show you my new loft bedroom! 

It has taken quite a few years.....
Life has been so full and time to work 
on it was not always available in between. 

Little by little things got done. 

My two sons helped out quite a bit whenever they could. 
I am so grateful for my sweet guys
and all of their hard work. 
Everything was a labor of love. 

I have plans for this corner. 
An armoire and a dressing area. 
The chair is temporary for now. 

The armoire could not fit up the narrow stairs, so 
we need the guys to hoist it over the railing from below. 
I want to paint it a soft gray-green. 

The big window looks out over the front lawn and my hydrangeas. 

This nightstand was the first piece of furniture I bought 
when we built this house. 

The pink suitcase was a wedding gift from my 
dear parents and has followed us everywhere. 
It now holds beloved photographs. 

The chunky knit throw was a gift from my daughter. 
The chandelier from Pottery Barn was once in my kitchen.

I bought a matching one for the other side of the room.

Pottery Barn no longer carries this style, so I am glad 
that I bought them a few years ago.
I've been dreaming of this room for so long.  

Kai lies by the stairway opening.  

It's so wonderful to wake up in the morning to 
the beautiful light streaming in through the windows. 

It was all worth the wait. 
Now we are working on turning the downstairs
 (our former bedroom) into a library/media room. 
All of my books have been in storage for a very long time. 
I will be so happy to welcome them back home! 

This amazing rose is as big as a dinner-plate. 
Check out the thorns! 
I've been working to keep everything watered, fertilized and 
cared for during these hot, August days. 

Pink Phlox and hydrangea. 
Birds-foot trefoil (the yellow bloom) is 
a wildling. 

Tansy by the tool shed. 
Deer won't bother these. 
They have a sharp, pungent scent and I dry 
the leaves in the fall to make moth repellent sachets. 

Hydrangea below the loft bedroom. 
They hate the hot weather, so I try to keep them hydrated. 
I wonder if their name was derived from that? 

The butterfly bush is very large and rangy but when it blooms there is true magic. 
Every summer the spicy scent drifts throughout the property, 
attracting bees and butterflies and The Mr. and I to bury our faces 
in the 6 to 12 inch blooms. 

These are considered invasive here in Washington State and are no 
longer available in nurseries, so I am grateful that I planted it 
many years ago. 

I am loving these warm days and nights, and for the last two months
have watched the planet Jupiter rise over the mountains every evening. 
Here you can see it directly above Mt. Rainier at dusk. 

Thank you for all of your kindness, 
dear friends and know that you are appreciated 
as you share your sweet thoughts
and valuable insight every time you visit. 


"The most important human endeavor is the 
striving for morality in our actions. 
Our inner balance and even our very 
existence depend on it. Only morality
in our actions can give beauty and
dignity to life."

-Albert Einstein-

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  1. Oh, I want to sleep in that oh-so-comfy and pretty bed in your loft or sit in that chair and ponder life. =) The armoire will look beautiful in soft green paint. Your garden is looking a treat, Karen. 'Tis always a joyous thing to spot a hydrangea bush or two. Your home and garden is such a beautiful place; a place to be safe from this troubled world. Take care, lovely lady. Xx

  2. what a pretty bedroom which already looks as if it's been there forever with all your beautiful furnishings. I love the big windows with views over the trees. You have been busy since last time. x

  3. Dear Karen, I am always amazed when I see one of your posts. Such beauty in your surroundings, your photos, and your words. The new bedroom must be so well worth the wait. It looks beautiful and so cozy, up above the green and close to the sky. What a sight the whole year through, but it must be spectacular in the dead of winter when it snows. We are having a fire fairly close this week, so we are getting red skies all day long. Not the way a person would like to experience a colorful sky..Stay well..xxoJudy

  4. How adorable your world is...Absolutely amazing!It is a pleasure visiting you!

  5. Hello Karen,
    I am always happy to see a new post and update from you. I am glad all is well. Kai looks cute as ever. Your captures of the moon and the mountains are beautiful. Love the pretty roses and hydrangeas. Your loft bedroom looks comfy and beautiful. Take care! Enjoy your day!

  6. How wonderful to get your loft bedroom finished with loving, helpful hands. Thank you giving us a view of and some of your plans for it. Your media/library room will be something to look forward to. Of course you flowers look fabulous and the view of Jupiter above the mountain...awesome. When I was in the mountains of Utah last month, I thought of you and how you look upon that beauty each day. Blessings to you, Karen!

  7. Oh wow you all have been very busy, that is nice that your son was able to bring over so much wood for you guys to use this winter. We have had so much rain this summer I have only had to water twice, it is just crazy, everything is so green, but also comes with that is flooding, and our yard has flooded 3 times so far, thankfully never made it inside the house though.
    Your room is just gorgeous, love everything you have decorated it with, such a labor of love! That will be great to get your books out of storage!

  8. Your loft bedroom looks so lovely ...
    I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs and catching up with your news.
    This year, although a very strange one, certainly seems to be passing by so quickly.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    all the best Jan

  9. Karen,
    OMG!!! Be still my heart!! The beauty of all your outdoor pictures including your flowers and the mountain is spectacular!! And I totally LOVE your sweet loft bedroom!! Stunning beyond belief!! Looking forward to seeing how you decorate your media/library room!!! Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet remarks!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!

  10. Greetings Karen, glad to see you post again. Hope you are all well. Love all the beautiful pictures and post.

    Hugs Diane

  11. How have you been?
    You live in a good place. Stay safe and be healthy.
    Thanks for your comment on my post.

  12. the einstein quote is a good one, one i am not familiar with until now. your place looks great, i really like your outdoor space, it always looks so inviting!! the new bedroom is beautiful, that will be your bedroom now??

    i love roses too but i use the word "favorite" for every flower. i was surprised to read that butterfly bushes are considered invasive, i have never heard that!!

    the mountain always looks so beautiful, i always adore your view!!

    one good thing about this pandemic...lot's of time to get our projects done!!

  13. Oh Karen, your new loft bedroom is charming in every way. I love everything about it. That little chair is sweet overlooking the big window. Your white vanity dresser is lovely with the Angel and all your treasures. I especially love your writing Angel. And how special that Pink suitcase is, as you've had it for so many years. It all looks very nice, and you did a wonderful job. That Pink rose in your garden in beautiful. It's so funny, cause Nel planted me a pot of red roses on my back porch, but lately they are coming up Pink. But I don't mind, and appreciate any color of rose. Your deck is looking nice and tidy. That is a really neat picture of Mt. Rainier at dusk. I hope you enjoy the remainder of these warm August days, Karen, and I'm looking forward to seeing the projects you're working on and your sweet home with Fall coming up. : )


    1. ps.....I just wanted to mention the picture of your hydrangeas and the hose nozzle and your house in the distance. That is a cool photo, love that one.

  14. How wonderful you live so close to Mt. Rainier! We lived in Buckley and Sumner for a little while when I was growing up and then we moved to Gig Harbor. I now live in North Idaho but Mt. Rainier remains one of my most favorite places on the planet. Even though I LOVE north Idaho I sure do miss being close to Mt. Rainier for lots of summer and fall hiking.

    Being out in God's creation is so good for the soul. Whether it's sweeping vistas of the mountains or the beauty of flowers.

    Your loft bedroom is beautiful! I love the antique furniture! Thanks for sharing pictures with us!


  15. Your hydrangeas are lovely! Great job on the loft bedroom. Looks like you have plenty of firewood to keep you quite comfy during the winter. Have a blessed day.

  16. Good afternoon, how are you? I am Brazilian and I am looking for new followers for my blog. New friends are also welcome.

  17. Hello Karen, I like the way you fixed up the loft bedroom. Such pretty photos of your property, flowers and the mountain. It’s so nice to hear from you and glad everything is good. Thanks for the blog visit and take care. Julie xo

  18. Oh how beautiful your new room, your blooms, your views. I can't imagine that kind of peace. My email addy that I got your posts on went away one day and hasn't worked since. I hope I haven't missed too much but I'm going to sign up for notices again... LeeAnna

  19. I love your home! So cheerful and welcoming. And the new room is wonderful. I also like that photo of the full moon, there is something so comforting about a full moon, calmly going about its business.

  20. I returned for a second look at your flowers and that delightful loft bedroom. I think I recognized a 'Pink Grootendorst' rose such as I had years ago in Vermont.

  21. Hello Dearest Karen!
    I love any update by you. 😊 Your loft bedroom turned out beautifully! That window is like looking into the heavens. Just perfect! And your flowers look amazing as always. I continue to pray for peace, healing, unity and change in our world. I know God listens and is holding us up. I agree, we just need to keep being patient and kind. Time keeps flying no matter how the world is spinning - that's for sure. I hope you're staying safe and healthy and keep enjoying your busy days! xoxo

  22. how lord showers his endless blessings upon you dear Karen makes me serene and happy :)))

    you live in heavenly area and it is nice to see how beautifully you have decorated and maintained each bit of it with your love and care

    your flowers look DIVINE !!!!!!!!!!!

    specially these blue ones are breathtakingly charming ,roses are my favorite either and i think no garden is complete without them :)

    congratulations for completion of loft bedroom ,this looks pretty and comfy :) how lovely to decorate it with gifts from your loved ones
    it is good to hear that your sons helped to build it while your hubby is retired and so busy :)
    i found moon image you shared CAPTIVATING !
    wishing you all the happiness and peace in days ahead my friend !


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