Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Spring Decorating - Egg Carton Wreath

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are weathering 
the storms of life and finding a tiny bit of sunshine 
during these perilous times that we all face. 

Sheltering in place has its challenges, but also 
encourages self-expression through art, crafts, cooking 
and gardening.
We all learned how to entertain ourselves 
as small children when we were told to 
'turn the television off and find something 
constructive to do'! 

I took this advice and turned some cardboard egg cartons
into a sweet spring wreath!

I found the directions in this 2015 edition of 
GreenCraft magazine. They call it a 'fall wreath', 
but I think it is just as pretty in springtime.

I'll let my photos be the guide
if you would like to create one of your own.


2 or 3 paper egg cartons.

A small, very sharp and sturdy pair of scissors works best. 

A dinner and salad plate were used as templates. 
Painted brown - edges, too.

Children's craft paints. 

A hot glue gun put it all together.
A paper clip glued to the back makes a handy hanger.  

The wreath matches my flea-market painting x.

Willow catkins in 'big blue'.

My kitchen cart is now devoted to
'dinnerware' for the grandchildren.

I had matching bins for the bottom shelf, too,
 but all of the bright plastic
dishes and utensils started mysteriously disappearing........

Someone looks very guilty.....

He likes to bury things.....

I added a bit of spring to my painted cupboard
in the hallway past the kitchen.

I can't get a full shot of the cupboard in the narrow hallway,
but it has two cabinet doors below, with shelves for my cookbooks.

I have a small collection of clear, pressed and etched glass
on the shelves.

Sweet serving pieces to use now and again
for a special occasion.

Like the last cupcake that I want to save for myself.
No man dares lift the lid of a tiny dome holding just one cupcake.

I have just enough mismatched etched glasses
 for every adult in my family to raise a toast.
I collected them one or two at a time.

I saw this idea in a Pottery Barn catalog
and I thought it looked so pretty.

The pressed glass compote and egg dish were wedding gifts
for my Mother and Father
the year Queen Elizabeth was crowned.

They were married 58 years.

This cupboard has a twin and both belonged to my parents.

I will be using them together when my library room is finished,
but I will paint them French gray.

The salt and pepper shakers were also part of my parent's
wedding set.

It always amazes me what survives a lifetime.

The sweet, sentimental things that someone once loved
so dearly that they carefully packed them for every move.

A tiny piece of their heart.
Their hopes and dreams passed on
to anyone who believes in love.

I have turn of the century vintage photos
of my little town on the opposite wall.

People and moments captured in time.
There's even a couple of dogs.

It reminds me of how brave and hard-working
our ancestor's were and how important
it is to honor their hard work, sacrifice and values.

I need to re-stock the jelly-beans the next
time we venture out for groceries.
We only go out every 2-3 weeks now.
I hope there are a few bags left.

I made these when my children were young.

My orchid has re-bloomed.
It was a sweet gift for Mother's Day last year.

I've never had one re-bloom, so I am thrilled!

My daughter handed these out as party favors
for my twin grandsons' 2nd birthday
a few weeks back.


It seems so long ago....
It was the last time we were together as a family.

We are having a virtual Easter this year.

Life has changed so quickly and may never be the same
for so many, as we all try to stay one step ahead.

In the meantime, we just try to remember what is truly precious
and never again take these things for granted.


The ones we love.....

The first dandelions....

Budding trees under clear blue skies....

Singing birds.....


Wishing you an Easter full of faith, hope and
maybe a little bit of chocolate, too.

Stay safe, dear ones.



  1. Karen, I love my visits to your delightful blog. Your home looks so warm and welcoming, and I'm envious of your mad craft and decorating skills. (I have the same Beatrix Potter plate in my family room.)

  2. I love all of your lovely spring decor, Karen! Had to pin that adorable cute! It definitely is an unusual time...missing my family, too!

  3. I love this peek into your beautiful home so very much, Karen. I especially love your cupboard with those sweet lambs and Peter Rabbit. The wreath is awfully cute -- I never would have pegged it for egg cartons! And that's one guilty looking dog! It's all so homey and cozy and lovely. A good place to be if you have to be home. I send wishes for a lovely Easter. Virtual or not, you are well. For this I am grateful.

  4. Oh Karen what a lovely post. I always love seeing glimpses into your sweetly decorated home filled with love and joy. Pass-alongs and memories, so much beauty in your creations and in your bits and pieces that make up your home sweet home. Have a wonderful as can be virtual Easter, filled with love and happiness. ~ FlowerLady

  5. Karen, your words are so touching. We can look back and see life unappreciated. I believe that we will all come out of this trying time stronger and more thankful than ever before. {{HUGS}} xo

  6. Always look forward to your lovely posts and a glimpse at your comfy home.

  7. LOVE that sweet wreath!! Talk about making something out of nothing!! Beautiful pictures as always!
    Happy Easter!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  8. Karen you did a fabulous job on that wreath, you would never know those were egg cartons! It does match the painting quite well. So neat that you have so many treasures from your parents, hopefully they will be passed down and appreciated by the next generation. It is going to be a different Easter this year, but hopefully we will be soon getting through this and back to being with family and friends!

  9. You will see young leaves soon. Stay safe.

  10. I'm so happy to find your blog again. Hadn't seen it for awhile. I enjoyed seeing your older glass dishes and glassware. I enjoy what I have as well. My mom got me two different drinking glasses that I enjoy using on holidays and when family/friends come over. Have a blessed Easter weekend. He is risen!!

  11. That is the most creative wreath I've ever seen, Karen. The egg carton wreath is a clever idea, and I love the Spring colors. Your cupboard is lovely with all the pastel colors for Easter. How special that some of the items belonged to your parents. I love things that we hold on to that are from past generations. The bunnies you made when your children were young are treasures. And your grandchild is precious as ever in this sweet photo. I was worried about something this morning, and then I saw the last words of your post.....Wishing you an Easter full of faith, hope and maybe a little bit of chocolate, too. Thank you for this gentle reminder, and I hope you have a little chocolate with your coffee tomorrow as you enjoy this Easter celebration.

    Happy Easter, dear Karen.


  12. How sweet and uplifting to see all your pretties and to read of the things that are of importance to you Karen xx

  13. Happy Shelter in Place Karen (meant Happy Easter). Love your fun wreath and what a neat way to use the egg carton. Love all the pictures and fun post.

    At least the weather has warmed up.

    Hugs Diane

  14. Nice pics. I really like your egg carton wreath craft. I have that same Peter Rabbit plate. :)

  15. What a sweet wreath, I love recycled crafts.

  16. I am late but I love your gorgeous post!Pretty wreath and adorable pictures. I love visiting your sweet blog!Happy Easter!He is risen!Hugs.

  17. Hi Karen. You did a wonderful job on the wreath. It looks better than the original! So cute and colorful and pretty hanging on your door. All your spring flowers are just beautiful and especially the little blessing with the dandelions. Glad you are well and had a Happy Easter..xxoJudy

  18. For some reason my blog roll lists your last post as two years ago! I'm so glad I came over here to double check! I wonder how to fix it? Maybe delete you and then add you back?
    Your egg carton wreath is so pretty! We were always encouraged to be creative too when growing up. A good legacy, because we're never bored! Your house with all its spring decor and vintage pieces looks so pretty. xo Deborah

  19. I'm a bit late to wish you Happy Easter but I do love your pretty wreath, what an excellent idea. I do hope you are all keeping safe in these strange times, you must be missing your little ones. Let's hope things improve soon. x


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