Thursday, September 19, 2019

Season of Change

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you are enjoying these last 
days of summer as we slide softly into Autumn. 

It always seems to come too soon, but if we
glide along with the winds of change on open wings
and a brave heart, we can soar above the fray. 

We are having an early autumn, here in the foothills
near Mt. Rainier.  It's been cool and wet, with an occasional
 warm and sunny afternoon to remind us it is still summer.

When the sun finally dips below the clouds, 
the hills turn golden and the birds gather in 
the tree-tops before flying off to roost in some quiet,
 secret place, known only to them. 

 As the summer season ends,
  the hills are very quiet, 
except for the twitters of nomadic flocks feasting 
on wild plums and berries. 

 I can hear the chuck-chucking of the wood grouse,
and the scolding of the squirrels,
while the little crow family
chatters happily to each other while waiting to join
the larger flock that flies over on their way to roost
deep into the hills.   

The swallows and starlings are still here, dipping and swooping over 
the fields and foothills, assembling
 in large flocks every evening to roost on the wires
along my country road.
I disturb their formation as I make my early morning
journey to my grand-little's house. 
I am pleased to see so many this year, and maybe it 
has to do with the abundant moisture this summer,
providing plenty of mosquitoes. 

By the end of the month they will all be gone
to wherever swallows and starlings go in winter..... traveling 
thousands of miles, then flying all the way back in spring, 
 just because this is home. 

Home - that wonderful place of shelter and warmth, 
where we can surround ourselves with all
 that we love the most.  

This time of year forces us inside after our 
time in the sun, and starts the process of 
making things cozy for the cold months ahead. 

There is nothing cozier than filling the kitchen 
with the scent of apple pie baking in the oven. 

I have been giving pies as gifts this year. 
Who can resist a home-made apple pie from Mom? 

Summer cottons and linens gets washed and packed away.
Quilts, flannels and woolens begin to return. 

It's definitely a process. 

A meditative task, allowing the mind to wander. 
Sorting out life, one load at a time.

And one closet and drawer.......

I'm making room for fall's gatherings, too.

I feel the need to keep things simple, muted, and quiet
this year.
I am trying to stay healthy, centered and steady.

My large family keeps me very busy, and there is
always something going on or someone to worry about.
I try not to worry, but it comes with the job,
although I always give it up to faith.


And then there is the world at large........
It is enough to truly test the faith. 

Although, I do believe that shining a light
on all that is dark, may be humanity's saving grace.
That gives me hope, comfort and courage
despite all that I see and hear.

Speaking of home, Grandpa built a miniature version
for the little ones to enjoy when they visit.
This came as a kit from Home Depot.

A rainbow during construction.

A sign of good blessings.

It fits perfectly, safely tucked into the corner.

Grandpa added screens to the windows
to keep the bugs out and the little ones from
climbing through :)

The shelf holds a toy miniature sink and a two-burner stove.
I found tiny pans and toy fruits and veggies.

Even boys living in wilderness cabins need to eat :)

I managed to paint the deck in between weather systems, too.

I so enjoyed every moment possible in my favorite place, this summer.

I'm definitely feeling the need to slow down,
and take time to enjoy the simple things.

I am in the autumn of my life, now,
and am naturally slowing down,
scaling back, and clearing out all that is
weighing me down.

Soon, Ramblin' Man will be retiring,
and we are busy preparing for that day.

It's another phase of life.
One that we are so fortunate to have achieved.

Image result for Quote: Old age is a privilege

But it does take time to prepare, and we are busy
trying to make this a happy, positive transition.

Another season may be over, Dear Friends, but
now we look forward to the golden beauty of autumn
as we gather the harvest of sweet summer memories.


"You become a worrier by practicing worry. You can
become free of worry by practicing the opposite
and stronger habit of faith. With all the strength and
perseverance you can command, start practicing faith."

- Norman Vincent Peale -

"I'm determined not to worry. So many people poison
every day worrying about the next."

- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis -

Here is my recipe:

Apple Pie



  1. Hello Karen, it's so good to hear from you! It looks like you had a nice summer. The little house your husband made it just awesome. I wish him luck with his retiring from work. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful photos. Thanks for the lovely visit to my blog. Take care.
    Julie xo

  2. Oh wow it is so hard to think of fall when here in Southern Illinois it is still quite HOT, but I sure do hope we get it and don't go from summer to winter. Sounds like you have been keeping very busy. That house your hubby made for the grandkids is just too cute, I am sure there will be many happy moments in that. How wonderful for your hubby to be so close to retirement, I know my hubby is looking forward to that but he has a few more years to go. I know what you are saying about this world and the direction it seems to be heading into, we must continue to pray and lift it all up to God and do our part that he asks of us.

    I wish you well as you prepare for retirement and enjoy those little ones!

  3. Hi Karen,
    I do not have a blog of my own, but have followed and enjoyed yours for quite a long time. I've missed your postings and just wanted you to know that I am very happy to see you're back. Happy Autumn - my favorite time of year.
    Mia Malick

  4. Such a lovely post, Karen! I love your beautiful words and cozy decor. I understand preparing for autumn...with our moving and retirement we really feel like it is a new life season!

  5. so much beauty. Fall is my favorite season and I can hardly wait for cooler temps. So many days over 105 here this summer. I always wanted a play house. I wonder, would it make a cute garden folly for me? I could put little window boxes, and store cushions or planting stuff in it. LeeAnna

  6. That mist is so magical. It reminds me of the fog on my lake last weekend -- you expect King Arthur to pop out with Excalibur. And then the rainbow. Oh, the joy you have in your sky and view! I can practically smell the apple pie and the birds on the tree and power lines is a sure sign of fall.

  7. Dear Karen ~ once again I will leave your blog feeling peaceful and blessed. It is so beautiful where you live, your home is lovely as always and your deck a wonderful place to chill out during the warmer months. The miniature house is adorable. An apple pie sounds like something I'd like to make in the near future. I cam almost smell and taste it.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  8. It was so nice to read a list from you, my friend!! Your home is always so cozy with comforting pillows and something baking. Your Apple pies as gifts would make anyone happy. Ramblin’ Man’s cottage for the littles is just darling, and your deck is as pretty as ever. Of course, your Mountain View always leaves me in awe. I think as we grow older, we realize that worrying gets us nowhere, but we learn to give our worries to Jesus, and have Faith.

  9. Here's to life soaring above the fray for sure - what a lovely post, you family are lucky to have apple pie gifting Karen at it's centre. Love the play house, so special. Have a happy week!
    Wren x

  10. Hi Karen. I'm so glad to hear from you. Your photos and flowers are just beautiful and the little playhouse is really darling. My dad made one for me and my siblings and it is something I will never forget. Your grands are lucky. It really doesn't do any good to worry about age. I have a birthday coming in November. The HUGE 80. I am just so happy to be healthy and able, so I think about that..Happy Weekend, my friend..xxoJudy


  12. Oh Karen! That reads like a page of poetry-just simple and humble and soul-touching. I feel like I am right there with you when you describe your life. Have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  13. Lovely to hear from you again with your glorious photos of life at your cosy home. I expect you are run off your feet with all your babies, big and small, but what a delight! They will love your little house, I'm sure. Retirement is purely changing one busy life for a different busy life. Take care x

  14. I wish I could say I’m ready for Fall but I’m not! It’s not that I don’t like Fall it’s just that I don’t want winter to come! Warmer weather goes by so quickly! Always enjoy seeing your beautiful landscape photos. Our lives do seem to pass by as the seasons!

  15. Loved this post!! Your photo are stunning both of your cozy and charming home and of all the stunning nature around you!! Love the play house for the kids,,,I would love one of those for myself!! I am now retired and I am trying to slow down and take all the life has to offer at this stage of my life in....But after working for 41 years and being on a schedule and only having a short period of time to accomplish things, I am moving at the speed of light now that I have recovered from my knee replacement surgery and realizing that I do not have to move so fast anymore!!! It is an adjustment that I am sure I will get used to....But I will have to work at reconditioning how mind set...

  16. It was so good to hear from you on my blog! I enjoy it so much, you leave the sweetest comments :-) Your home looks so warm and comforting and I absolutely love the playhouse for the grandchildren. I bet they do as well! Such lovely pictures, I look forward to seeing more as the season changes again. Definitely going to jot down and try this apple pie recipe. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week!


  17. Hi dear Karen!Amazing pictures!Your "world" always inspires me...Your flowers,your pillows,gorgeous embroideries...Your cozy home... Full of joy,tenderness and beauty...Life is precious,a God's gift,and He is good!Thank you for the delicious recipe too!Blessings.

  18. i love where you live, your views, your cozy home, your edge of the world is beautiful. it is almost time to hunker down and i see that you are preparing for that. i hope your worries are not to grand, that things work out and those worries do not interfere with your joy!!

    your "castle" looks wonderful and the playhouse is adorable. what a grand idea for home depot and it looks like your husband did a wonderful job.

    we are apple crisp people, i need to make one...anything baked like that does make the house smell wonderful!! take care karen...keep that camera in your hands and the joy in your heart!!!

  19. Dear Karen, once more your post is like meditation, about seasons, life, changes... about really important topics. Retiring of your husband is a big change - I wish you many, many happy and healthy years together in the new phase of life.
    The little house looks very cute and I can almost smell the scent of your delicious apple pie. :)
    Happy autumn! xx

  20. Hello, your home always looks cozy and inviting. I agree about worrying, it does not change the outcome. What will be will be, that's my motto now. I love being retired, less stress and more time to do whatever I want. The playhouse is so cute, I know the grands love coming to your place. Love the Waxwings high in the tree and the swallows. Beautiful photos. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  21. Karen, I long to visit nature sometimes, and you living there every day is such a marvelous thing. I love the house grandpa made for the kids. They will love it. It looks very sturdy, and it will bring joy to the children for a long time. Those red flowers on your deck are so pretty. It's always wonderful to see the changing seasons around your area, Karen. Happy Autumn days to you, : )


  22. Besides the fact it looks beautiful it looks so peaceful. We are in a phase we are looking for peace. Your apple pie and view could give me that.

  23. Hi karen, I'm a little sad to see Summer end but I always am. Fall isn't too bad and I'm enjoying it so far. The weather has been mild where we live still. You live in such a beautiful state. Love that little house for your grandchildren. It fits so cozy in that corner of your deck. I love the thought of giving an apple pie for a gift. What could be better than that? I need to start working on my pie making skill so I can do the same.
    xx Beca

  24. Such beautiful views! And I think I spotted some waxwings. I hear you on that worrying thing. Seems there is always something important to worry over when you have a big family. Nobody warns you about that! ;0) But you have the coziest homey place to cocoon in. The autumn views should be wonderful. I hope they are.

  25. I hope you fully enjoy beautiful autumn days.

  26. Greetings Karen, wow what lovely pictures. Your home is so wonderful. I can't believe how fast the weather has changed and so cold already.

    Hugs Diane

  27. Beautiful thought provoking post Karen...
    Wishing you and yours a lovely arm Fall...with an easy transition into Winter...
    That playhouse is amazing...Ill bet those littles loved it!!!
    Take care...

  28. what a gorgeous cozy and splendid home dear Karen :)))

    your words are therapeutic and images are delightfully exquisite :)
    yes weather is changing so are views and all these changes somehow effect our feelings and attitude for better and i can see this not just in your writing but though your images either
    best thing my eyes saw is little sweet home made by grandpa :) what a lovely idea ,reminded me my childhood
    sending you best wishes for fall my friend!

  29. Such a lovely post and I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs.
    Retirement is a wonderful thing, Eddie and I are both enjoying ours.

    Have a wonderful Autumn/Fall season, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  30. I'm so behind with my blog reading but finally made it! It is always such fun to visit, Karen, and catch up on your news. And I absolutely love your kitchen, I'm hoping that there is a slice of apple pie left for us latecomers :-)

  31. Hello Karen, I hope you are having a lovely Autumn.
    It was lovely seeing all of your photographs here, and I do like the little house your husband made.
    Eddie and I are both retired now and we love it :)
    My good wishes to you, and may both you and your husband enjoy retirement, when it comes.

    All the best Jan

  32. Hello Dearest Karen!!!!!
    I missed this post back when. And I miss you!! But I completely understand about staying centered and healthy. I always love catching up on your beautiful corner of the world. Your deck and home is looking gorgeous and cozy as ever. And that little home kit turned out so adorable!! Boy are the Littles going to love that! ❤️

    I hope you've been enjoying the Fall season (best around in my opinion) and that you post and visit when you feel up to it. Your posts always make me feel so cozy and like a warm visit with a great friend. Keep taking good care of yourself and loving up that beautiful family of yours.

    Sending you huge hugs!! xoxo

  33. Thanks for the apple pie! And for sharing a little bit of your life and talents! I love reading what others can do!
    Have a lovely fall!
    Christel ♡

  34. Happy Thanksgiving,dear Karen!I am grateful for finding your blog!Hugs!

  35. Just stopping by to say Happy December, my good wishes :)

    All the best Jan

  36. I hope you're having a lovely holiday season, dear Karen.

  37. Hi Karen!Merry Christmas!I miss your sweet posts...Blessings!


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