Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October is Here - More Fall Decorating

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are 
well and finding a few mellow moments 
to contemplate this beautiful month of October. 

My woodland cottage seems to settle into
its wild surroundings at this time of year,
providing us sanctuary as we await the long winter.

The sun sits lower in the sky, sending down shafts of diffused, 
golden light over all earthly things. 

I wish I could capture that divine, ethereal autumnal glow
and wrap it around me forever, but time 
moves ever onward and these glorious,
sylvan days are far too fleeting.

Nature is in all her glory, but all I can do is try
in some small way to bring a little of that beauty inside. 
I am spending more time indoors, as it takes 
much longer each morning for the sun to warm
the earth, while that mischievous fellow, Jack Frost, 
has been lurking nearby. 

Our passive solar home captures just enough
warmth during the day to keep us from using the woodstove
just yet, but I have been using the electric heat
to take off the chill at night.

I've been gathering little things that remind
me of that beautiful, autumn countryside
 glowing all around me.

Burnished brass, feathers, berries, dried flowers......

This vase is a favorite thrifty find.
I love its soft reflection, delicate shape
 and etched, botanical design.

I love brass candlesticks, too.
This one was a flea-market find.
I was with my daughter and
she said, 'You're going to paint it, I hope!'

Everyone has their own idea of beauty :)
And different color schemes.
Golden tones seem to look best with the
natural wood interior of my living room.

The 'flying ducks' on the beam were cast
by my dear Father as a young man.

He was a tool and die maker all of his life.

This basket on top of my pine cupboard was my Mom's.
She loved this basket,
as it reminded her of the beautiful hand-made baskets
of New England where she was born and lived
most of her life.

I've filled it with bittersweet.

Bittersweet is one of my favorite words.

 Bitter and sweet make the lovely elixir
 of life when blended together.


 I sewed this pillow on my settee from a framed
vintage needlework I found at a local antique shop.
I found two - the other is on my daybed in the kitchen,
which you can see in my previous post.

Is there anything more beautiful and resilient than an autumn rose?

We are taking down the umbrellas and canopy
on the deck this weekend.

I will miss their protective shelter, but
fall breezes, here in the foothills,
have been known to carry these things away.......

It's time to clean out the bookcase for browsing
during the long nights ahead.

Books of poetry, art, and classic literature
will replace summer offerings of
gardening, wildflower field guides,
and beachy novels.

Bright flannels stand by for wearing outside.

Boots, walking sticks and umbrellas stand by, too.

It's hunting season once again
and we live in the forest.....
we must dress brightly.

The weaving I made years ago,
and the painted metal coat rack that my dear Father
made for us one Christmas, symbolize
our life here on the edge - in between
the village and the wilderness. .....

Gloves in the basket are for firewood gathering.

Ramblin' Man will fill the wood-box this weekend.

A small owl has taken up residence
on my gathering basket handle.

Isn't he cute? His feathers are faux fur.
I just found this practical basket, too.
The walking stick it is attached to has
a sharp end to drive into the soil
so it will stand on its own :)

The beautiful crochet was a gift from my Sis-in-law.
My autumn fairy resides in a woodland style frame.

I keep the candy dish full of chocolate kisses
and peanut butter cups.

Well, I try to keep it full, anyway!
Here you can see the details of the vintage crochet.

My 1920's English buffet.
 I keep my bar-ware inside.
It's easy to set up when I am entertaining.

This hand-blown vase was given to me
by a dear old friend years ago.
It's a little strange, but I love the dark tint.

The view out the window under
the branches of the old lilac tree.

I sit right here most evenings.
Ramblin' Man likes to stretch out on the larger sofa
or set up his lap-top on the table in front of it.

I painted and decoupaged the tray on my tufted console
which holds toys for the grand-babies :)

I used autumn motifs from paper napkins on the tray.

One of my favorite magazines.
'The Cottage Journal.'

My view from the love-seat.
The cupboard holds the television and stereo.

I can see it from the kitchen and love to watch
my favorite shows while I cook.

This is where I blog, on the vintage treadle sewing machine
that doubles as a desk and sofa table behind my love-seat.

I usually have dogs sprawled out around me, too.
Every time I get up, I trip over one or both.

Or the 'bones' they leave behind when they run off
through the pet-door to bark at some imagined noise.

Today I have the ceiling fan going above me in a whir.

Behind me closets hide storage
and the hot water tank.

The large clay urn was a gift from
my family one birthday, from Pier 1 Imports.
The printer's tray is vintage.
The floor is scattered with berries and seed-heads
that I dropped everywhere while decorating :)

A sweet sampler with the initials bpc and the date 1987.
It's beautifully framed behind glass.

A modern rendition of a classic.

I thought the colors were lovely for fall.

The shadows are getting long, Dear Friends,
and I must start dinner as the day winds down......

As I say goodbye to another day,
I wish you all a lovely October.

And pray for peace, hope and healing 
for our troubled world. 


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I am terribly behind on all my visiting,
but will catch up with all of you this week.
Thank you for your dear visits, my friends.



  1. WOW!Absolutely Gorgeous!Love your cozy home...Such beauty!

  2. Your house is gorgeous and does look so pretty with natural colors and touches of Fall. I noticed the flying ducks right away...how special they are and perfect for your home. Love the needlework pillow and cross stitch too. Lots of beauty everywhere you look! Hugs!

  3. Hello, you have a lovely home. Beautifully decorated, cozy and inviting! The flying ducks are wonderful, in a great spot too. The weaving is pretty and I like your Snowy Owl. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  4. What a view from your beautiful spot, I am amazed you get anything done at all with those views. If it were me I would spend most of the day admiring the view, I seem to do that more and more here. Love you beautiful Autumn touches that blend so easily into your stunning home.

  5. What a wonderful post. I love BITTERSWEET, too-the word, the notion, the plant! It is the ultimate fall plant for me--but very elusive around these parts anymore.

    I loved 'visiting' your home here. It is warm, welcoming and absolutely beautiful. Happy October to you- xo Diana

  6. You have created such warm, cozy, inviting atmosphere for your home, dear Karen. Everything seems to have a special meaning or remembrance, which must bring you comfort. Enjoy this beautiful month!

  7. I´m in love with your beautiful wooden home, it is so cosy with the autumn settings and all the little treasures with sweet memories. It is just the way a home should be, let the winter come....

  8. wow you have such a beautiful home and it is decorated beautifully,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  9. Your home is so beautiful Karen! I always love pouring over the photos and admiring the amazing light that flows in. Everything is so pretty, but also warm and comforting - never trying too hard. I also LOVE so much that so many things in your home tell or story or share a memory. That's what a home is all about in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing your home and yourself. Love it all! Have a blessed week. xoxo

  10. Karen, what a lovely place to spend quiet evenings! I love how you use a lot of neutrals to complement the beauty outside! xx

  11. Happy October to you too, it is amazing how fast the year is going isn't it! Love all your Autumn touches you have given to your home, great thrifty finds, love your pillow you made as well as the one you shared last time. Love the wonderful pictures of the mountain too, sounds like you are so ready for the cool temps that will soon be coming :)

  12. The color of your place makes me think of honey. It is so lovely and that view--wow!

  13. I so enjoyed the autumn tour of your wonderful mountain home, Karen! I feel as though we just really and truly visited together! Thank you for sharing the history of your special touches throughout your living spaces.

    Happy October, dear lady. Sorry I have been gone so long. Hugs. ♥

  14. Your house is lovely with the wood walls. It looks so cozy and I love your Mtn view. Evenings are cooler here now and darkness comes early but it's good. I'm finalizing plans for a celebration next weekend. A bit more rearranging needs done and How much food to buy. Yes we need rest and peace in our world. God be with us!

  15. Oh my, what a most glorious view you have, both inside and outside, as you sit at the treadle sewing machine and happily type away. Oooh...that love seat, how beautifully romantic and pretty. Do you mind, lovely Karen, if I sit awhile there and drink in all your beautiful things?? My breath catches a little as I gaze upon all your gorgeous touches. Bellissimo, lovely lady!

  16. Dear Karen,
    your home, decorated with such beuatiful Autumn items looks so wonedrful!
    I Love your place, where you blog! Such a great view outside, while bloogong must be lovely!
    Thank you for taking us arround in your wonderful warm and cosy home, my dear friend!
    Sending Love and hugs and blessings for a happy october!
    Claudia xoxo

  17. Your home is stunning Karen, I am still reading through your archives, we hope to be buying a home again next year, we sold our home to live in rental properties so we could move around and able our son to live at home whilst he is in university. xx

  18. Oh what a comfortable and inviting home. I just love your place. Beautiful and so nicely done.

  19. Your home always looks very inviting dear Karen. I'm sure it would look great featured in your cottage magazine. We don't have that one in the UK sadly.
    I loved your weaving, it looks like the Tree of Life and your tray is painted so delicately
    Enjoy October with your family in your wonderful part of the World with hugs from us xx

  20. I now have settee envy. Yours looks so pretty and inviting, the perfect place for an afternoon of tea and a good book.

  21. Sweet Karen, your home is absolutely breathtaking! Each room should be in a magazine, my friend. Your autumn touches are simply perfect and yes, I am ooohing and ahhhing over here {{smiles}}

    Love and hugs to you!

  22. You have a beautiful view from your work desk. It must be a great place for inspiration. It's all those special things that make a house a home. It's wonderful to be surrounded by all those things that hold so much meaning. Beautiful as always Karen.
    xx Beca

  23. Karen, your home looks wonderful with all the colors of Autumn gracing it. I really like the brass vase with the berries. You know, I used to have lots of brass in my home, but through the years gave it away, and now I'm wishing I kept some of it. The sentiment of the basket that belonged to your mom is so special. The pillow you sewed is pretty, and looks very nice on your settee. There's nothing like red flannels at Autumn. Jess' husband just went hunting last weekend and saw a bear. I loved the Autumn fairy frame. You have to have at least one fairy in your house I always say haha. The 1920's English Buffet is so charming - that caught my eye right away, it's gorgeous. And the decoupage tray you made is lovely.

    Thanks for giving us a peek into your home, and especially at Fall, my favorite time of year. You have many wonderful decorating ideas, and I always love to see all the clever things you make.


    ps...it's Jess' birthday tomorrow. I hope you can stop by and say hello. : )

  24. So pretty as always! You definitely have the Fall cozy factor in your sweet home and yard.

  25. The decorating in your home is always so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.

  26. I love your home Karen. Your photos are so relaxing to look at, i think my blood pressure comes down every time I visit :)

    Your views are stunning all year round, but especially this time of year I'm sure. You're a lucky lady!


    (Bittersweet is one of my favorite words too).

  27. Oh my! It's hard to say what I love more...the lovely view or the wood walls and the comfy furniture inside? So glad I don't have to make a choice! Thank you for sharing today with us as we need some loveliness now more than ever.

  28. Ahh...your post helps me understand what I love about fall more! Beautiful home and such a comfortable space you have created in it.

  29. Thank you for giving glimpse of your BEAUTIFUL wooden cottage my dear Karen!

    loved each corner you shared!

    loved the first poetic description of your's about glow of autumn sun, same thoughts come in my head when i look at winter sun here which looks gentle ,kind and friendly !

    Loved the beam duck and specially the hanging rack by your dear father ,how crafty and artistic man he was, reminded me my grandpa whom i always seen busy in some carnation .

    Loved the all photos but pic 14 where behind the sofa paintings are embraced is really stunning!

    your blogging place is lovely and cozy ,perfect to sit ,observe and create.

    along with you my heart is also praying for crying life on earth which suffer just because some mad people loose their minds ,

    hopping for LIGHT and pEACE on earth my friend!

  30. Dear Karen since yesterday i commented on your blog post and returned something kept poking me that what i might for got to mention and i just remembered that it was you lovely photo on side bar which i lOVED looking at and found the flow of childish innocence along with depth of wisdom!

  31. Hi Karen, you always decorate your house so nice for each change of season and holiday. I love how you decorated it for fall. It must be so pretty the fall foliage and the mountain. Happy October to you and have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Julie

  32. Karen, your home looks so warm and welcoming, and I love that you have those things from your parents and friends. What a peaceful scene to look upon.

  33. Karen,
    Love how charming your home looks all ready for the Fall Beautiful!!Thanks for sharing!!

  34. Dearest Karen,
    it is such a joy for visiting across the nation to indulge in your autumnal beauty!
    Here we still have very warm and sunny days with temperatures around 86˚F and we enjoyed a 2-day biking escape in the West of our state. Bikes on the bike rack and off we went. Alongside the river on a beautiful paved trail, surrounded by nature and again next day at the Nation's largest wood garden; Callaway Gardens. They have 13 lakes and lots of bike lanes too. We enjoyed it so much and it was more beautiful than anticipated in Pine Mountain. You see we are traveling 3 hours away for biking in the mountains!
    Always a joy to visit you and I love the mix with warm wood tones and the golden touch of brass with some reds is so perfect and soul soothing.
    You certainly do have a flair for turning precious little finds into lovely pieces in your warm nest.
    Yes, Bitter Sweet is like the Chocolate; very healthy for the heart and a great recipe for life to live by.

  35. The subtle, muted shades, the warm sunlight, the whole transformation is so inviting!! Lovin' it all. Of course, you know me....the little owl with the white, small pumpkin[gourds] is the winning touch for me.

  36. Love it very nice all together!

  37. Beautiful decorations and such a warm and inviting house. Greetings to you.

  38. Dearest Karen,
    I've been missing you and your wonderful blog posts so much during my break, cherished friend !

    Sincerely grateful for all the Beauty you always share,
    I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you

    XOXO Dany

  39. Your home looks like something from a beautiful book, it's so different from any homes we have here. It is so beautiful and the sun filled deck outside looks so inviting too xx

  40. Happy October to you dear Karen and thanks for sharing the lovely post and photos. Your home is really beautiful and looks so comfortable. Lovely also to see where you blog and relax on your sofa. Love the old printers tray and the sweet sampler.
    Enjoy your week

  41. You live in a beautiful slice of heaven! I love your golden oak interior, and your lovely touches of fall, I love decorating with things found in nature too. It is lovely that you have touches from both your father and mother. Truly a joy to wander lovingly with you through your home!! I agree that the splendor of fall is too fleeting, and wish I could bottle it up close to my heart for the long winter days ahead. Hugs to you 🍁

  42. What a long beautiful post,I can't comment on everything I like about it but love the walking basket where the owl is sitting. Also how sweet you have your Mom's basket sitting up high. I am very sentimental about family items.
    You live in a wonderful place and your room is so perfect looking out to see the gorgeous outdoors

  43. Your home look so lovely, just perfect colours for Autumn.
    I love your mantel and that owl does look cute.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  44. What a gorgeous room and view. Your interior is so pretty. I don't think I could ever stop looking out the window with the view you have. Lovely decorating too.

  45. You have such a beautiful home- and so many memories with each item. Just gorgeous. Have a blessed day!

  46. When living in upstate NY on the west bank of the Hudson River I longed to find some Bittersweet in our neighborhood to display in Autumn, and was delighted to find some in the bramble patch between our house and the river :) I haven't found any in OR, but I am so pleased we have Holly trees with bright red berries here. Thanks for sharing the peace and beauty you are nurturing in our bittersweet world, Karen. xx

  47. I really enjoyed seeing those pictures of your home with the sunshine pouring in. It looks so comfortable.


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