Monday, August 14, 2017

Sew Sweet Pin-Keeps

Hello, Dear Friends! 

Summer is winding down now, 
and we finally had a bit of rain
over the weekend, which has cleared 
the air and perked up the poor trees 
and native plants who hadn't had a drop
of rain in almost 2 months! 

Thank you for all of your prayers and 
a few of you even did a rain dance for us, 
which we appreciate so much, 
here in Washington state :)

Since I didn't have to water anything 
over the weekend, I decided to spend
some time in my long-neglected sewing room.  

I've been in need of some new pin-cushions, 
and when I saw these sweet little mushrooms
 in a book that I checked out of the library, 
I  had to make some for my very own. 

This is the book, and it is wonderful. 
I need to order my own copy, 
so I can make everything in the book! 
(I am not endorsing the book, I just simply love it :)

I found the perfect fabric in this 'charm pack' 
at my local quilt shop. 

It was a fun project, and I even had some help
from the little kitty that I am pet-sitting. 
She has been timid and won't leave my sewing room, 
so I am trying to spend as much time as I can 
with her. 

I modified the instructions somewhat - 
filling the 'mushroom' base with kitty litter
to add weight to keep it from toppling over. 
I added a 'yo-yo' cap to the base, to ensure
the kitty litter doesn't escape. 

Then I added the mushroom top. 

These would be cute decorations for a woodland 
style Christmas, too! 

Another cute idea in the book were these strawberry

These were so easy and fun to make! 

I stuffed them with a mixture of kitty litter and
lavender. You could also use sand - which is 
the traditional filling. Sand or kitty litter works 
to keep needles and pins sharp. 

Green rick-rack works to form the calyx at the top. 

I sewed the rick-rack on in the evenings 
while watching television, as this took some time. 
My sweet Kai looks on. 

I couldn't stop until I had a basket full! 

I had so much fun creating these 'Sew Sweet' 
little pincushions. 

I hope I have inspired you to make some of your own! 


What creative project are you working on right now? 


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  1. Hello Karen, I'm so glad it finally rained for you. Everything always smells and looks so much fresher afterwards.
    Your pin cushions are delightful and what an ingenious idea to use kittie litter! I agree that they would make great Christmas decorations.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday :)

  2. Your pincushions and strawberries are adorable!! Lovely gifts!

  3. Hello, the pin cushions and strawberries are so cute. You have an adorable visitor, I assume it likes your dogs? So glad you had some rain to clear up the smoky skies. Enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  4. Karen... they are just adorable... 🙂 I did not know to use kitty litter 😏 ... have a great day!

  5. Good to hear the heavens finally opened up. Real lovely work and design indeed. Greetings and best wishes!

  6. The rain fell up here, too, and we're all very thankful. Your pin keeps are very cute - it's fun to do a quick project.

  7. I made strawberries years and years ago. I put them in a bright green plastic mesh berry basket. It looks so cute, too. I loved little handmade crafts way back then. I need to get back to it!!!

  8. Oh these do look adorable and so cute somehow.
    'Sew Sweet' is a perfect name.

    So pleased to read you finally had some rain, that's wonderful news.

    I hope the rest of your week goes well.

    All the best Jan

  9. Charming little strawberries. Those must have been a lot of fun to make. Love those kind of projects. The book is a keeper.
    xx Beca

  10. These are all so cute...I now what to get my sewing needle out...Have a happy week ahead... May

  11. Hello Karen, oh you sew up the cutest projects. I love the mushroom pin cushion and strawberries. You are such a talented sewer. I'm glad that you had rain and it's always nice to not have to water plants and flowers.
    Hope you have a nice week.

  12. Hi Karen, great job on the crafts. I love the strawberries, someone made those in felt many years ago and I had always wondered about the pattern as I wanted to make some. Thank you for posting it. Enjoy your week.

  13. Love the pincushions and you did a wonderful work on them. The strawberries are adorable. I might get that book...which seems to have many different types of projects.

  14. Such sweet little pincushions. I also love your little berry basket and those measuring bowls are just perfect. Homespun Hugs ♥ Teri

  15. These are so cute and I especially love the strawberries. I remember my mom having the classic tomato.

  16. Your mushroom pin cushions are cute, Karen, and those strawberry sachets are darling. You are such a talented seamstress. Oh, how I remember my dear mom sewing at her Singer making all sorts of things, some of which I still have today. : ) Keep sewing, Karen - you can make so many wonderful things for your family.


  17. Very very sweet! I love the fabric you used. Lots of love in those stitches too.

  18. Those are just too cute, I love the ric rac around the base of the mushrooms, such cute fabrics you found! I love those strawberries and the very cute basket you had for them!!
    I am so glad to hear that you finally received some rain over the weekend, I hope you don't go as long between the next time.
    Your little sewing buddy is just too cute, and I totally love that picture of Kai in the background with the tilting of the head, so sweet!
    I was asked to do a guest post for another blog so I have been working on gift bags the last couple of days, won't be sharing them until mid September though.

  19. Hello Karen, my dear friend!
    Your sewings are beautiful and this book looks great!
    At the moment I started to do my Christmas Cards and I have swen placemats and Shoppingbags :O) I enjoyed some days off and got a lot ot sewings done :O)
    Wishing you a happy week,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  20. Beautiful makes, I especially like the strawberries. x

  21. Dear Karen!

    I am sooo... Happy for you that finally you got some rain and trees and plants around you felt fresh and joyous!

    It is great that you used your time so beautifully as i can see some really STUNNING designs of pin cushions ,reminded me the time when my mom used to make them in orange shapes .
    i loved these one ,they are adorable specially strawberry!!!

    of course you always inspire with your uplifting thoughts and photography .
    you capture your creation in a marvelous way .

    i have to sew som pillow covers and they are waiting for me but energy is not enough high to do it .so may be next week .

  22. It sounds like we've sort of changed places...I'm taking a sewing break and you're back at it! Pin cushions lend themselves to such creativity. They can be anything you want them to be! So cute!

    Yay for rain! I would say we sent you ours, but we're still getting it so I'll just say we're sharing :).


  23. Such cute projects. Like you I would not have wanted to stop till I had a dish full!

  24. Your pincushions and "strawberries" are adorable, Karen!
    It must be lovely to kitty-sit such a cutie.
    Two months without rain is horrible. Fortunately you finally had some rain!
    Blessings and hugs! xx

  25. Oh, those strawberry pin-cushions are so sweet!

  26. Your right about those mushroom pincushions looking great in a woodland Christmas theme! I didn't realise that about the kitty litter! Nice little strawberry sachets too!

  27. Oh! Those are the cutest pincushions I've ever seen and you are right that would be great in a Christmas Woodland scene, too. The strawberry sachets are adorable, too. Aren't we happy to see blue skies and the mountains again?! It's been wonderful after all the smoke and gloom. Have a great rest of the week.

  28. Karen, oh those are adorable! I especially love the strawberries! That book looks familiar. I will have to see if my online library carries it! Love seeing the kitty and Kai! PS I have those very same measuring cups. :-)

  29. Dear Karen,

    Oh what wonderful little pincushions you made - such cute projects and thanks for sharing with us. Love your sweet kitty and Kai and they must be such great companions to have with you.
    Hope you are enjoying the week

  30. LOVE the ideas Karen! Exceptional work, and so festive you could keep 'em out in the open all year long.

    The two helpers are tops!!!

  31. I'm in love with both projects, Karen! I find that doing handwork is relaxing, as compared to sitting at the sewing machine, although I do both. I will need to look for that book.
    Also, it was so nice to meet your flowers, from your previous post (not sure how I missed that one!). Enjoy the rest of your week! xx

  32. Both the toadstools and the strawberries are so cute! I love the ceramic holder for the strawberries ;) Isn't it nice to have a sewing partner. That cat looks like she'd be willing to cause some mischief in your rick rack ha ha!

  33. Such an inventive use for kitty litter! What a cute photo of the cat who looks like she's got the cream with the rain meaning you can spend time indoors with her in your sewing room!
    Wren x


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