Monday, July 10, 2017

Les Fleurs

Hello, Sweet Friends, I do hope you are enjoying
this season of 'Les Fleurs'.

Today I am joining Riitta at Floral Passions for Floral Bliss.

Do you like my French? :)

I've always dreamed of having a little cottage 
in the French countryside. 
In fact, I follow a delightful blogger who 
actually does! 

You can 'meet' her Here . 

My Dear Mother loved all things 'Country French', 
especially the Provincial style and had the 
most charming little cottage right up the lane 
from me for over 30 years. 

Sadly, my parent's home was badly vandalized when 
they passed, and I can't bring myself to walk 
down the lane to see the damage once again. 

I wish I had taken more photos, 
and most of them are filled with family 
members with little of the background to see. 

Someday I will make some sketches of 
my memories.......

Someone bought the property and is renting out the 
little apartment over the barn, 
but the house that my Father built 
with his own two hands, and that my 
Mother so lovingly decorated, remains 
nothing but a shell. 
This is a continual sorrow in my heart, 
but I know that material things are not as important
as the love and memories that remain. 

My Mother loved flowers, and my Father loved to grow them,
 and I like to think that I inherited that gene, 
so step inside and I will show you 'Les Fleurs' 
that grace my space.  

The Farmer's Market Bouquet of Peonies and Queen Anne's Lace
faded away, but they have been replaced with some 
lovely blooms, generously sent to the house from Ramblin' Man's 
work-mates for his recent convalescence.

Farmer's Market Bouquet with Peonies and Queen Anne's Lace

I saved the Peony petals from the Farmer's Market
 bouquet to dry for potpourri. 
Peonies dry beautifully, if you hang them 
upside down in a dark room, once they are fully opened. 

But if you want to enjoy your Peonies in a vase until they start 
to fall apart, you can save the petals to dry in shallow baskets.
(Rose petals can be used, also) 

To make potpourri:
Add a few dried orange and lemon peels,
pulsed in a blender, a teaspoon of allspice,
a few bruised cloves, a handful of bay leaf,
some fragrant dried herbs, such as lemon thyme,
rosemary, lavender, - whatever is on hand,  
 and some essential oil ( I like lavender and vetiver),
 sprinkled over all, will give 
you a pretty way to scent a special corner. 

Potpourri makes a lovely gift, too, perhaps in a vintage 
glass container with a lid. 

A close-up of the new beautiful blooms. 

I saved the Queen Anne's Lace, from the market bouquet, too :)

Perfect to display in a pretty green bottle. 

I found a new 'pretty' at my favorite vintage store,
 to display on my Kitchen Queen shelf , too. 

Can you see it?

Let's look a little closer......

Now do you see it?

A green polka-dot tea-pot! 

My love affair with all things green continues :)

Queen Anne's Lace for my planning desk, too. xx

I saved the last of my purple pansies 
for my kitchen windowsill. 

A little bit of Queen Anne's Lace for the living room, too. 

This is the first time I've used my vintage vase
from the flea market. 

The heart is made of stone :) 

I've known a few people with hearts like that.......

I've changed my mantel to include some 
dried Roses and Baby's Breath. 

The wooden box is vintage. 
I've had it for years and it usually holds
art supplies in its sectioned interior. 

I always find it hard to decorate the mantel, 
for some reason. I fuss and fuss .....
Sometimes this takes weeks of trial and error,
adding this, or taking away that, until
I'm finally happy with the results. 

I found some pretty wildflower 'fakes' for 
'big blue' - my large 5 gal. glass carboy. 

My straw bag in the kitchen holds faux flowers, too. 

I like using a mix of dried, faux and fresh flowers
to add cottage charm. 

Paper roses even make it into the mix.

You can see how I made them Here.

Part of my feather collection is displayed in my tarnished 
silver baby cup. 

I love flower paintings, too! 

I've collected these over time and made a gallery wall. 

This one is a favorite. 

Sometimes the frames are the focal point. 

The tiny painting is of the French countryside.

This little painting with the green velvet border,
in my kitchen,
mimics the tiny flowers in the basket. 

Hand painted wildflowers on the glass of the hanging lamp. 

And flowers on the pillows. 


What is it about flowers that so capture our hearts? 

Maybe it is their vibrant colors, their intricate designs,
 their lovely forms, or their exquisite scents.  

Or maybe it is their sweet innocence and perseverance
despite the harsh realities of this world. 

Who cannot say that a lovely bouquet of flowers,
given to a loved one or friend,
or even gifted to oneself 
doesn't brighten the spirits?

Flowers truly are one of the joys of life,
a  special gift from our creator and 
something we should never take for granted. 

Can you imagine a world without flowers? 


'To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers
is a delectable form of defeat.'
- Beverly Nichols -

'To create a little flower is the labor of the ages.'
- William Blake -


Thank-you, Dear Friends for your lovely visits 
and sweet comments. I so enjoy reading them. 
You are all so kind, witty, and informative. 

I know we are separated by space and time, 
but getting to know you, little by little, reading your 
comments and your wonderful blogs, 
makes me know that despite the distance, 
and varied lifestyles, we are all kindred spirits
in this great, wide world, and I am so 
very happy that we found each other. 


P.S. Ramblin' Man is back to work and Rambling
once more......
All tests came back negative and we are
extremely happy to have this dark cloud lifted.
We have a renewed spring in our steps!
 Thank you for your kind well-wishes.



  1. What a beautiful home you have, it all feels so warm and inviting and not to forget cozy. And lovely gallery of artworks indeed. Warm greetings!

  2. The flowers are pretty and interesting how you save the petals. Thanks for telling us about your parents and their home. Sad that there are such bad people in this world.

  3. You use flowers so beautifully in your home and I love the idea of using spent blossoms for potpourri! I definitely want to try That!
    I am glad your husband's tests went happy for you!

  4. Your home is the perfect mix of cozy and inviting. I could climb right into those photos!

  5. It is lovely to visit you here, Karen, and to get to know you, too. I do feel we are kindred spirits. I am celebrating with you that Ramblin' Man is back to healthy rambling! I was born in Lawrence, MA, and lived in Andover until I was five. What part of New England did you live in? Flowers are a delight in my life, too. I love seeing glimpses of your welcoming home and am sorry to learn that your parent's home was vandalized. I am glad you have good memories of it to cherish, and that you can build and share your home with those you care for. xxxxxxx

    1. Wow, Gracie - we were so close.....I grew up in the same area - near Brockton. It really is a small world. Thank you for your sweet and kind visits. xo

  6. I'm so happy to hear that your husband is doing well! That is always such a relief. You have a lovely flower collection and I especially like the paintings!

  7. Hello, Karen, my sweet friend, it always is such a pleasure to have a look to your so wonderful and warm home! I love all your flowers and pictures and items always looks so comfortable and cozy!
    And ... I LOVE this little Polka Dot Tea Pot!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful week, filled with Love and joy and wonderful flowers!
    Love and hugs and blessings, Claudia xo

  8. I am so thrilled to hear all is well with Rambling Man. It was once again a great joy to have a tour of your beautiful home, this time to admire the flowers. My little cottage is sadly lacking in that department at the moment so you have inspired me to find the box with the silk flowers in and create a couple of arrangements. Such a shame about your parents home.

  9. Hello, you happy to hear your Rambling Man is doing well now. Good news. Your flowers are all beautiful, their colors and scent must look beautiful in person. That is a cute teapot, great find. You have a lovely home. Happy Tuesday, have a great day!

  10. A healthy husband, a cozy home full of flowers and lots of blog friends.....sounds like a recipe for joy and happiness to me! Lovely post!

  11. Such a sad story about your dear parents home. I don't understand how some people can be so cruel. Your tour of les fleurs is delightful. I love seeing the special decor you have given to each room. I'm sure you spent hours of planning to achieve such a lovely setting. And, I see you have sunshine, too! Thank you for the recipe for potpourri. Sending you all the best dear friend, Pat xx

  12. PS...good news about your husband, too!

  13. What a lovely post. I feel the same about flowers and green glass. I love going into my garden everyday and seeing what I have grown. It brings me so much pride and pleasure to see their beauty and take in their scents!
    My great-grandparents home was such a beautiful house and it is also very hard to see what has become of it, and the town it's in is crumbling.

  14. Beautiful flowers, I always think of you as a flower person! Probably because of the view of your flowers and garden from your windows that you show in your photos. Glad that all is well for Ramblin Man and that he is able to get back to life again!

  15. Hi Karen,your home is gorgeous and truly looks like a French cottage in the countryside. Your decor and mix of treasures is so beautifully styled. Truly magazine worthy. My heart breaks for you about your parents home vandalized. I feel the same about my childhood home. After my parents passed away, I had to empty and sell it being so far away in Michigan to Texas. Since it sold several more times since then, the upkeep and beautiful way my parents kept it has changed to a run down mess. This makes me so sad. I can no longer drive by whenever we visit Michigan. Now I just hold on to the memories of that beautiful home.
    So happy you hubby got good news. Enjoy the summer and your lovely cottage home. Bless you dear one! xo

  16. Another wonderful post, filled with glimpses into your lovely home. The flowers really add a calming, pretty touch.

    I'm so glad your dear Ramblin' Man is back to work and that the news was good.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  17. Hi Karen, good to hear that your husband is doing well! And I do like your French :) and your flowery home. I think I have the same dream about a little cottage in the French countryside!

  18. You have such a lovely and charming home. The Green Glass is super pretty, loved the teapot. So happy the news of your hubby was good. Have a great week.

  19. Beautiful! I want to be there, thank you.

  20. Karen, how special that your mother had a cottage right up the lane from you. So sorry to hear it has been damaged through the years. The Queen Anne's lace is so pretty gracing your home here and there. I really like that flower. My sister first introduced me to Potpourri years ago and used to make little sachets, as she sews. The green polka dot tea pot is delightful, and I love your vintage vase on the serving tray. The roses and baby's breath look charming on the mantel. You have really decorated your mantel, it looks nice. I love that mirror above the mantel! And what a sweet straw bag that's hanging from the door. Your home looks so welcoming with light colors around the house for summer.

    I'm so glad to hear your husband is back to work and doing well.
    Flowers around our home add a special something, don't they? They are truly the magic in our lives.


  21. Beautiful flowers! Your home does look lovely. It has a very country look about it. I'm glad your husband is back at work again!

  22. I just HAVE to ask. I've been wanting to for a long, long time. First off, love the flowers [the 'fake' in big blue is stunning with the sunlight!]

    Now, my question...just where do you store all that is not used after you change decor as often as you do for the seasons. Curious minds wanna know!!!!!

    1. Haha! Yes, that is the question! Actually, I have a rented storage unit for all my little treasures. I used to have a shed, but a big storm knocked a tree over it and we had to tear it down - some things were crushed, but most were saved by a stack of outdoor picnic coolers propping up the roof! We are saving to replace the shed and should have a new one soon, but until then, all my pretties are safely stored about two miles a way :) xx Karen

  23. Such good news about Rambling man :). Love all your flowery arrangements and definitely that green teapot. I love all things green too. B x

  24. Your place is so sweet! I always love having flowers around and some of my decor has floral patterns.

  25. Your home is sweet and lovely. I've enjoyed my visit!

  26. Karen I always thought you had a nice touch with flowers. What a great quality to inherit. Some of us don't do so well with flowers. :) Wish I did though.
    xx Beca

  27. Karen, I am so glad that your husband is feeling better. I think not knowing things makes it so much worse. And it is so sad about your parents cottage. I pray that one day someone will buy it and fill it with love once again inside and out. Thank you for sharing all your floral touches. I love the way you embrace (decorate) your home. xo

  28. Dear Karen, your lovely home reflects fully the rustic French Provence charm <3 Très chic & so pretty, I admire your devotion. I studied French at school for three years but have forgotten most of it. In France I'm able to talk to the taxi drivers, but that's it!
    Wishing you a lovely day à la française!

  29. Tes fleurs sont belles, Karen! You have a very charming home. Flowers add so much to any room. I love them, too.

  30. Hello Karen, I'm so glad to hear Ramblin' Man is well, such a relief for all of you.
    I always love seeing your beautiful home filled with so many treasures and beautiful blooms! Thank you for the recipe for potpourri. I have never made it but it is so expensive in the shops I really should have a go.
    Have a wonderful week with hugs from us :)

  31. So happy the dark cloud of worry has lifted for you. It is not an easy thing waiting for test results. No, as one who adores all things "fleurs", one most definitely can never have too many vases of beautiful flowers in the home; nor indeed to many gorgeous flowers in the garden. I always love strolling through your beautiful home, Karen. I would love to rest on that gorgeous couch of yours that is covered by pretty lacy cushions and drink in all the beauty that resides in your home.

  32. a day without flowers will be just awful Karen! I try to surround myself with them, either real or in fabric :D thank you for sharing your lovely home dear lady...and for stopping by the cottage and leaving such lovely words. They truly bless my heart! :0) mari

  33. Beautiful flowers and you have such a lovely home.

  34. So good to hear the wonderful news on your hubby!! Loved all your different kinds of flowers. Love the way you have the roses on your mantel and your lovely framed collection of flower paintings!
    So sorry to hear about your parents house, that must have been an awful thing to go through, so thankful that we have memories for times such as that. I for the first time was able to go by my parents house after many years of their passing, it is so hard to see other people living in the home that your family was brought up in.
    I agree with you, it is so nice over the years to get to know those people that you have blogged with.

  35. Glad things are looking up but sad your parents home is in the state it is. That must be painful since so many memories are attached. I love flowers in the house..for the longest time I never thought of cutting flowers from the garden to bring inside? Now I bring more and more inside. they make us feel happy, they elegant, romantic, and bring charm and grace. So what's not to love. I have Queen Anne's lace blooming right now and want to cut the flowers off so I can keep their aggressive nature in check.

  36. I like flowers and I loved that this post gave us many pictures of your sweet home.

  37. Love all your decorations, they are very romantic and warm! I absolutely love crochet and makes me happy to see all the crochet you have in the rooms of your house!! Sending hugs!

  38. I found your blog through Lilly My Cat and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

  39. How horrible about your parents' home! I am so sorry! Your flowers are lovely. I enjoyed seeing this very floral post! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'm glad your kids rafted down the Deschutes. I want to do a short bit of very calm tubing, if I can manage it this summer. We'll see! :-) Have a great weekend.

  40. Dear Karen,

    Thank you for showing us around your beautiful home and I love flowers too, they always make it feel so inviting and welcoming.
    Glad to hear that your husband is feeling better.
    Sad about your parents home, but you must have many happy memories of the wonderful times you spent with your family with the garden and flowers, so that must be special to you.
    Sending hugs and wishing you a happy weekend

  41. Kare, you home is always wonderful and the flowers bring happiness.
    Have a lovely Friday!

  42. Karen, your photos are always so beautiful! Glad to hear that ramblin' man is doing well and back to work. My hubby was lifted when he got to return to work last month, it is heartening to get good results! I also love green, such a beautiful and serene color. So sorry about your parents cottage.

    Happy weekend!

  43. Hi Karen! There was a catch in my heart when you talked about your folks house. So sad and not right. Would love to see your sketches one day!

    I love all of your flowers so much. And the great tips for potpourri! ;) I pick wilflowers around my backyard and neighborhood regularly. Lots of wild buttercups, daisies, queen anne's lace, and indian paint brush. I'll add some of the fresh herbs from my container garden and I have instant beautiful and fragrant bouquets! Wildflowers are the best, aren't they? ;)
    Blessings to you Dearest. xoxo

  44. Flowers are such a great part of life, they can provide colour and happiness. I enjoyed looking at and reading your post, especially at the end when you said "Ramblin' Man is back to work and Rambling
    once more......
    All tests came back negative"

    Good news indeed.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  45. Dear Karen, as always I am awed by the power that blogging has, to draw like-minded friends together. I too, am charmed by the French Provincial look, and our homes have many similarities. Where you love green though, I am in love with Navy blue. Your home is truly lovely, and how said I am to hear that all that your parents worked for, is no more. I think therein lays a lesson, but it hurts my heart to ponder it for too long. Carry the memories of what was, and how much it was loved, for then they live on. Sending love. Mimi xxx

  46. Hello Karen, It was such a lovely time reading through your post and seeing your beautiful touches all throughout your home.
    I had missed your previous post about your dear man but it's lovely to read that all is well with him.
    I felt so sorry to read about your parents' home - there are some people in this life who most certainly have a heart of stone as you say. At least you have lovely memories to cherish.
    All your beautiful florals are enchanting and add such joy to a room. I love the most simple of vases that you also use.
    Thank you for all the thought and insight you put into this most delightful post. A very happy start to my day as I read through it. Cheers :D)

  47. Hi Karen, I am so glad to hear your husband is okay. I love your flower decor, very pretty. Your new green tea pot is adorable, it goes perfect with your green collection. That is so sad to hear about your parent's home, I can only imagine the heart break you must feel. Thank you for your prayers for my Dad. He is doing much better than he was at the time I posted. Take care.

  48. Bonjour! I always love seeing inside your home, it is the sort of place that I just know all your family and friends would turn up to, sink into one of those deep sofas and feel relaxed straight away. I love the way you are continually changing and adding new flowers and treasures to your home, the polka dot teapot was a great find! Good news that all is well now with your Ramblin' Man, enjoy your summer!
    Wren x


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