Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish Spring Decorating and an Anniversary

Hello my Dear Friends, and Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

I know I have not been around to visit you lately, 
but put out your calling cards because I am 
ready to make my rounds <3 

First, though, I and my daughter, Jennie, 
want to thank you so very much
for your heartfelt condolences on the loss of 
our little dog Peanut.
Your kind and caring comments really are
balm to weary hearts. 

As you can see, I have brought out the 'spring greens' 
to redecorate my little cottage kitchen. 

This is partly to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and 
partly to bring out a fresh look for spring, 
which is just around the corner, 
here in the northern hemisphere. 

I also have an anniversary announcement! 
Tomorrow is the 6th year anniversary of my humble
little blog! 

I started this blog to celebrate and share
 my love of home and family, 
cottage style decorating, gardening, 
home-cooking, and crafting, but most importantly, 
to connect with like-minded people 
who share these simple joys. 

I've been blessed to have connected with
 so many wonderful and creative blog friends 
over these last 6 years, who have taught 
me the value of friendship, 
and daily renew my faith in the kindness 
and goodness of people the world over. 


I've been gathering all things 'green' to celebrate spring. 
Some things I have had stored away, 
and some are recent 'finds'. 
I collect vintage potholders and these two little beauties 
were recent finds. 
I've borrowed the green, vintage coffee cans 
from Ramblin' Man's toolshed :) 
He likes vintage finds, too! 
Coffee cans hold all sorts of manly things
like screws, nails and other 'necessities'. 

Now they hold large jars of garden herbs. 

Two more vintage potholders double as hot-pads 
for tea and baked treats. 

I also found this wonderful vintage apron
to add to my collection. 

This apron inspired my hand-sewn curtains 
by the glass door. 

 The sweet, stitched dog picture is also 
a recent find. When I went vintage shopping with 
my dear friend, Julia, a few weeks ago,
I searched for little things 
to add to my 'green' decorating. 

 My green enamel top farm table holds some 
of my green collections - bottles, postcards, 
and St. Patrick's Day badges. 

I found the tiny hand-painted landscape a couple of 
years ago, along with these authentic reproductions 
from the Ball canning jar company. 

I hope they keep re-issuing these - I have blue
and purple, too. 

I like to coordinate the colors of my art. 

Thrift store paintings add sweet charm. 
I sewed the banner a few years ago 
from a collection of linen tea towels and rick-rack. 

It comes in handy for spring and summer

I have green print fabrics to sew pillows
to add to my collection 
and I will share those with you when I am done. 
I am a firm believer that you can't have too many pillows :)

Another recent find was this little wire shelf. 

My Irish elf and lucky horseshoe 
take top honors. 

My doily pillow sports one of my badges. 

A small collection of green depression glass
inspired my green decorating. 
I try to add a piece or two every year. 

This year I found the little glass basket, 
the small plate behind it, and the candle holder above. 

The jar holds biscuit and cookie cutters with green handles. 

I also found the square glass cake plate standing against
the wall. 

I made the framed Irish Blessing out of scrapbook paper. 

My lucky clover tablecloth :)

Looking out the windows, you can see 
it is a cool and rainy day. 
We are sun-starved here,
50 miles south of Seattle, this time of year. 
Kai likes to watch me taking photos. 
His pet door is behind the curtain:)

Ramlin' Man's sweet note :)

I will leave you with five Irish Blessings and sayings,
Dear Friends. 

A turn of the century postcard addressed to 'wife'. 

Thank you for your sweet visit, Dear Friends! 


Today I am linking with: Five on Friday
the last one hosted by Amy @ Love Made My Home.
Thank you, Amy, I've enjoyed participating
and have made some wonderful blogging friends.



  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy St. Patrick's Day. So sorry to hear about Peanut. Your house looks darling.

  2. Congrats on the anniversary of your blog! Your home looks really green and festive - cosy too!

    Happy Five on Friday

  3. Everything in your kitchen area looks fresh and inviting. I especially admire your collection of green glass. I'm wondering if your electric range is a vintage model or copy of one--it reminds me of one at my grandfather's home--the one on which I learned to cook and bake.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments and sweet visit! So many people ask about my stove....yes, it is vintage! It is a 1961 Hotpoint and we found it for sale in a little Seattle bungalow that a young woman wanted to 'modernize'. She said the stove was rarely used, as the woman who used to live there didn't cook, so it is fairly pristine. We have only had to replace the oven elements twice. There is a wonderful hardware store here that orders them for us! xx Karen

  4. Karen, all your spring green touches just are delightful. The green depression glass is lovely. I have a few pink pieces that I've yet to put out. Doesn't spring decor warm us up on the inside even when the weather outside is gloomy and cold?

  5. The Irish green looks good mixed in to your room. Thank you for the Irish blessings, they were really lovely.

  6. Happy St Patty's Day to you too Karen! I've enjoyed my visit with you (we share many of the old fashioned, simple and Christian things I've noticed), as well as loving seeing all the green - its one of favourite colours and I like to use it in part of my home decorating as well - I have the old fashioned cream & green cannisters on my benchtops. Love all your green touches - I see we have some similar bottles. My hubbie collects old bottles and I enjoy having them added to the décor here and there. Happy blogging anniversary as well!

  7. Your house simply shouts, "SPRING". I especially love all your green glass, and so much fun hearing about all your "finds". I noticed that you have a shamrock and we used to have them in the supermarkets at this time of year, but for some reason we don't anymore. I miss them.

    Happy Blogoversary. Good job! And that Ramblin' Man is a keeper. Hang on to him.

  8. What a wonderfully green and happy post, Karen! I hope the sunny spring days will come there soon.
    Thank you for your comment! I knew there's a Mount Tacoma in the US, but I didn't know it's exactly "your" wonderful mountain. :) Now I read more about it. The tulips are so beautiful one was chosen for my profile photo...
    Have a happy weekend! xx

  9. Happy St Patrick's Day and many congratulations on your blog anniversary, I really enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts. Your house looks great, aren't the green bottles effective. x

  10. Dear Karen ... I love your little space here. Happy Anniversary. Your home shares such warmth, hominess, cosiness and is so very welcoming. Your kitchen just warms my heart each time I come to visit. It is filled with charm and the word that comes to mind is HOMESPUN. Sweet Pleasures & Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

  11. Happy Blogiversary, Karen! We do wonder where the time has gone, don't we. I am sorry about Peanut. It is so hard to lose these sweet and innocent little creatures that give us so much joy. How blessed we are that our Creator gives us these animals who make our lives even better. Your cottage is so pretty with all its green, and I especially like that green Depression glass. It is my favorite. I have a few pieces and there's just something about them. I hope you have a good weekend. xo

  12. Happy 6th Blog Anniversary, Karen!
    It aches my heart to hear about Peanut - I'm so sorry for your loss ... Dear pets are a great joy, their faithfulness and cheerfulness bring happiness to each day.
    Such a lovely now from your sweet husband :)
    Have a lovely weekend - and St. Patrick's Day,
    Nina xoxo

  13. Happy St Patrick's Day and Happy Anniversary for your so lovely blog, Dearest Karen !
    I must admit that I'm so sorry to read of your recent loss, probably I've missed the post where you wrote about this pain of yours, please, believe, I'm there with you, embracing you with all my love, our furry babies are part of our family and when they leave us, we fall in such a darkness, alas !

    XOXO Dany

  14. Happy belated St. Patty's and Happy Blogaversary dear Karen! I'm so grateful to have found you here. ;) I love and treasure our time "together".

    And I love to see what you're decorating with next. I especially love your kitchen and sweet corner there. It is just the prettiest coziest spot. I'm absolutely in LOVE with it filled with bright fresh green!! So lovely. Maybe it's because I'm Spring-starved here. Lol

    Blessings to you for a wonderful weekend my Friend. xoxo

  15. Happy 6 years of blogging, Karen! I loved seeing your sweet cottage all decked out in springtime green. Your green depression glass collection is just wonderful. I loved the sweet note from your Ramblin' Man. He's a sweetheart! Happy weekend to you, sweet friend.

  16. Such a lovely post.
    Your home looks so lovely in it's Spring Green colouring.

    Happy 6th year blog-anniversary.
    The years simply fly by.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  17. Karen, it was nice to see all the green lovelies around your house. The green curtains set the mood for the rooms in your house. Happy 6 years of blogging. It will be 6 years for us too, in May. And like you, I've met some wonderful and amazing people here in blog land. Your green bottles, canning jars and green glassware on your cupboard are a few of my favorites and soooo pretty. How sweet that you coordinate the colors of the art on your wall as well. I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day. It sure is a fun day, isn't it?


  18. I just went back to read your last post, Karen, and I'm so sorry that you and Jennie lost Peanut recently. He was adorable. I'm sure he left a big space in your heart. I'll be thinking of you.

    I love all of your green treasures and decorations! its a perfect balance in your cottage with your cozy style. St. Patrick's Day went by hardly noticed as Chicago has its parades and celebrations the weekend before.

    Thanks so much for your visit today. And Happy Bloggiversary! I started my blog for the same reasons and it hasn't disappointed! So glad we met!

    Jane x

  19. You decorated your home so beautifully for St. Patrick's Day. Love your style :) Congratulations on your blog anniversary. Once again, I am so sorry for your loss of Peanut.

  20. Happy blog anniversary!!! I love coming to visit and seeing all the lovely things you do in your home and garden and the recipes you share and more. Always a pleasure :-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  21. How lovely to 'walk' through your lovely springtime-green home, Karen. It is always a delight to wander through and stop at each pretty and drink them all in. Love the chicken scratch on the sweet green and white gingham. A happy anniversary to you, lovely lady. Blog land is all the more sweeter with lovely ladies, such as you in it.

  22. What a wonderful collection of fresh green decorating items to bring cheer to your home, and also celebrate St. Patrick's Day and Spring! Loved the green glass items...well, everything! Happy Blogaversary too! I love you8r blog so the connection we have made. I hope to meet you one day!

  23. Dear Karen,

    I love all your wonderful green around your lovely home.
    Happy belated Saint Patrick's day and congratulations on your blog anniversary. I always love coming to visit you dear friend and seeing all the beautiful things you share.
    Happy new week

  24. First of all, Happy 6th Anniversary of blogging! Time sure flies. I love all your fresh spring greens you've added to your decor. I'm so glad spring season has arrived although it is still a long way off for us before we enjoy warmth and green outside. Have a beautiful first week of spring. xx Pam

  25. I do admire the green glass collection, looks like some excellent craftmanship

  26. Your kitchen looks so warm and inviting, exactly the type of kitchen I'd like to have one day

  27. I love how you have such a perfect place to change things up with the seasons. Every time you show a change I think how that one is my favorite! I love all your green and the curtains are wonderful. Happy Anniversary!! I am happy I found your blog when I did and to be part of your world on the other side of the country from me!

  28. Hi Karen, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of Peanut.

    I love your green decor, St. Patrick's and Spring - it definitely gives a touch of Spring. Happy belated 6th Blogaversary! Your blog is always a wonderful place to visit.

  29. Green is such a lovely color for spring & summer. I love your green glassware and your curtains. Your home is so, so beautiful ❤︎ Happy belated blog anniversary!

  30. What a lovely post, full of inspiration and I just love the green colour...
    Have a happy week, take care!

  31. Love all the shades of GREEN! How pretty. How refreshing...and so Springlike it's perfection.

    And keep on blogging. Your happy anniversary wish from me is belated!!

  32. Hello, I love all your pretty greens. a great post for St. Patrick's Day. Your Kai is a sweetie. Happy 6th Blog Anniversary. I am glad I have found your blog, I always enjoy your post. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  33. oooh how sweet your home looks for spring!!! i started my blog for many of the same reasons you did, my life is so much richer for it. i too, have connected with many wonderful people like yourself.

    i did not know about your sweet peanut, please except my sincere condolences!!

  34. Happy Anniversary of your blog Karen. Wishing you many more fun years of blogging. You are such a sweet and kind member of the blogging community and so glad I meet you and call you friend. The years go by so fast too. I am celebrating all year my 10 years of blogging. It has been a wonderful journey and the many friendships has been such a blessing to me.

    Love your pretty spring green decor. Everything is lovely and the curtains in green are just gorgeous. You decorated your cottage so pretty for St. Patrick's Day too. Being half Irish, I am just drawn to all Irish decor.

    So sorry for the loss of your daughter's little dog. My heart knows this pain and I pray she finds comfort as Peanut lives in her heart forever.

    Happy Spring! xoxo

  35. Happy anniversary to your blog! I love all the green touches, which are perfect to celebrate spring!

  36. Happy Anniversary on blogging! I have been at it since 2009. Love that you change out everything for a new season. I might add to my decorations for an event or season but I would never get around to changing it all. Great job on adding the green and on your blog. Welcome to spring.

  37. I do love Ireland, I haven't been there for years; I have to remedy :-)
    Your decorations are stunning.

  38. Liebe Beatrice,
    zuerst einmal vielen Dank für Deine lieben Worte auf meinem Blog! Ich habe mich sehr darüber gefreut!
    Dass Ihr Euer "Herz auf vier Beinen" Euren lieben Hund verloren habt, wusste ich gar nicht! Und ich kann nur sagen: Es tut mir soooooo leid! Ich kenne diesen Schmerz! Es ist nicht leicht, und es tut lange weh!
    Ich werde Deinen Blog jetzt in meine Lieblingsblogliste aufnehmen und mich auch gleichzeitig bei Dir als Followerin eintragen. Dann kann ich Deine wunderschönen Post immer sehen. Vielleicht kommst Du auch zu mir? Das wäre wunderschön!
    Alles Liebe für Euch und seid nicht zu traurig...

  39. Entschuldigung!!! Erst jetzt habe ich gelesen, dass Beatrice Euphemie Deine liebe Großmutter war...und dass Dein Name Karen ist...Es tut mir leid!
    Du wohnst in Washington State? ...aber Du bist mit Irland sehr verbunden??? Habe ich da auch etwas falsch verstanden? Ich wäre sehr froh und dankbar, wenn Du mir vielleicht eine Antwort auf meinen Blog geben könntest.
    Und ich sage jetzt schon einmal DANKE!
    Noch einmal alles Liebe und drück Deine Tochter!

  40. Hello, Heidi, thank you for visiting! To answer your questions - Yes, I live in Washington State, but my Grandfather came from Ireland. My husband's Grandfather, also. So, we are part Irish and celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Thank you for your dear condolences for my daughter. xx Karen


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