Friday, May 27, 2016

How's the Weather? Five on Friday.

Here in the Cascade foothills of Washington State, 
nothing much happens, 
unless you count the weather!

Let me share with you five weather related scenes
from the beautiful month of May
as I capture some lovely moments. 

Rainbows are sometimes the beautiful reward
after a rainy day. 

This rainbow has a very faint double to the right. 

We are gifted with rainbows, mostly in spring
and summer, when the sun is low on the horizon
on hazy, misty days. 

I do think the pot of gold is buried here......

What do you think? 

Someday I will read in the local newspaper that two 
loggers found a trunk full of gold coins here....:)


Some days are just ordinary weather days, with 
a few fluffy clouds, but when the sun 
gets low on the horizon. the hills turn
gold and the clouds turn pink. 

You can barely see Mt. Rainier hiding in the background. 

The sun-rays are creating deep shadows
in the little valley below. 

Soon the sun is so low that only the high plateau and 
puffy clouds are illuminated. 

Clouds are so interesting. 

Here they seem to be clinging to the peaks
and forming flat, swirling clouds above. 

Mt. Rainier was not the feature in this
evening's light show and remained obscure. 
You can barely see it behind the clouds. 

Not so on this evening. 
Here, Mt. Rainier is the feature.

This view is facing South-East. 
We can only see the reflection of the sunrise and sunset
on the clouds and the mountain tops.

The camera gives the impression that 'The Mountain',
as we call it, is farther away than it really is. 

We have to look up slightly to see it and it appears about this large
to us with the naked eye. My camera can't capture
the entire scene when I make it true.

By highway, it is about 60 miles away.
As the crow flies, much less,
but with several high mountains and valleys in between. 

As The Mountain reflects a beautiful sunset, 
we can zoom in closer to see the shadows
created by the many glaciers and rocky outcrops.

This side of the mountain is not used by climbers
(very often), and you can see the obvious reasons.

Climbers from all over the world come to climb the 14,410 ft. Mt. Rainier.
Tragically, some die every year in their attempts to do so.

You can see the large amount of snow at the peak
and just below. 

We had a good 'snow-pack' this winter. 

Here you can see a closer view of the glaciers.
These glaciers are about 2000 ft high. 

I believe the lowest one is called the Carbon Glacier. 

Here we have a better view of the second glacier. 
These glaciers feed important river systems
leading to Puget Sound.

You can see fissures above these glaciers.

Mt. Rainier is an 'active' volcano,
which is currently inactive,
but land movements happen constantly.
The last estimated volcanic activity was documented
by eyewitnesses in 1894.
It is considered one of the most dangerous
volcanoes in the world because
of the large population living
below it.

If one of these glaciers ever broke loose,
it would be a disaster.

This would be called a 'Lahar', which would
travel at 40 miles per hour, bringing with it
everything its path and covering the valley floor
with up to 40 feet of mud.

There are many Lahar warning systems in place
in the towns within the paths of one of these.

Lucky for me, I live in a higher elevation. 

The Mountain will stay this gorgeous shade of 
pink for only brief moments in time. 

On this day, high, fast moving clouds float past, 
leaving cloud shadows on The Mountain. 

Late afternoon with filtered sunshine. 


Soft sunset reflections as the day nears its end.

A bit of cloud drama.

Cotton Candy skies.

A storm moves in on this morning.

You can see the blue skies being swallowed
up by an ominous gray cloud-bank.

It suddenly became very dark with a brisk, cold wind.

One last bit of sunshine glimmering on the hills
before the storm moves in.
Can you see the crow in the fir tree?

This beautiful fellow is standing guard
over a nearby nest.

This couple has been nesting here for years,
but the nest they previously had
in the fir grove along our drive,
blew down in a storm this past winter.

I was glad to see they built a new one
where we could still enjoy their presence.

Once the nestlings have fledged,
they will all join the larger flock
who summer in the valley below,
but roost in the high foothills together
 every evening all winter.

I see them flying over, calling to each
other at day's end.

Keeping watch.....

Since the storm, the clouds and cool weather
 have remained,
for over two weeks now,
but next week promises more sunshine.

My gardens have been lonely,
so I hope to take you for a visit
as soon as the sun shines once more.


"They have climate in England; we have weather."

- Helena Rutherfurd Ely -
A Woman's Hardy Garden (1903)


Thank you for your sweet visits, Dear Friends.
I especially loved finding out your birth order
in your comments to my previous post.

Every little experience in life and how we
respond to it (response-ability), creates the unique person
that we are.


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  1. What gorgeous pictures! So many ways to see a beautiful mountain. You are so blessed to have that view everyday.

  2. Oh this was an AWESOME post - I knew none of this living in a flat state.
    Just wow wow wow.

  3. I always love seeing a nice clear view of Rainier. Wonderful rainbows and skies you captured. You have beautiful views. We live in Washington state, too.

  4. Wow!! great photos of rainbows and Mt. Rainier. You have a lovely view.

  5. Two things: First, I think I forgot to share my birth order last post. I'm the oldest and have one younger brother. I have always, definitely, been the most responsible one! Lol And my hubby is youngest in birth order so I think we work well together. ;)

    Secondly, wow what gorgeous photos Karen!! Oh that mountain!! That gorgeous mountain could hypnotize me forever. But my favorite photos are when the clouds (and mountain) are pink. So magical looking.

    Have a very blessed Memorial weekend my Dear! xoxo

  6. Thank you for sharing your photos of Mt. Rainer. It's a beauty!

  7. What a beautiful area you live in!

  8. Such beautiful pictures Karen, you are so lucky to have this view. I hope your weather improves. It is getting quite warm here and the humidity is starting to hang around. I could do without the humidity lol! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. These are extraordinary photos, Karen. The rainbows are magical as are the clouds, though some look ominous (I'm from an area which has seen many a tornado!).

    I also enjoyed the beautiful pictures of Mt. Rainer. I can see why it would be a goal for enthusiastic climbers. My oldest son has been mountain climbing for the past two years. He's in Seattle now backpacking, not sure exactly where. I try to leave that to his wife to ask about! I do the questions after! He's going to spend August hiking the Pacific Crest. He's also scaled some mountain in Colorado.

    Thanks so much for the gorgeous pics!


  10. Mountains are in my blood Karen as growing up I lived where one of our largest, Mount Ruapehu stood majestically.
    Your photos and story is wonderful and has transported me to your nexk of the woods within sight of Mount Ranier - WOW!
    The pink shading is magic and we are so lucky you captured that for us!
    Happy weekend and hopefully some gardening soon!
    Shane x

  11. Dear Karen,

    Your photos you shared are really beautiful and you live in a beautiful part of the world. The majestic Mount Ranier looks amazing, especially with the hues of pink. Also love the rainbow photos and yes, still dream of one day finding the pot of gold at the end of it.
    Hope you have a happy weekend

  12. Beautiful photos, Karen. The double rainbow and those marvelous pink clouds and snowy mountain are stunning examples of the wonders of creation. Happy Memorial Day.

  13. Stunning photos, you are certainly blessed living in such a beautiful place.

  14. I don't believe for one minute there is anything "ordinary" about living in your little piece of heaven, Karen. Sublime photos!! Your mountain, the clouds, the sky, those glorious rainbows and all those amazing colours. Wow oh wow...your photos take my breath away. We too have many rainbows...but alas no pots of gold found as yet.

  15. What stunning, heartbreaking skies and sceneries you may enjoy, Dearest Lady, you truly live so near to Heaven !

    I'm always so blessed by coming and visit you here, my lovely,
    sending much love and many dear hugs to you,
    with utmost gratitude


  16. Great photos! Who can resist a rainbow?

  17. Oh my, Karen, your photos are stunning, and I never fail to be in awe of your beautiful views, and gift of photography. I think I forgot to mention my birth order...I'm the eldest of three, with my brother about 10 years younger and my sister, about 14 years younger.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  18. Just one word: WOW! You are surrounded by heartbreaking sceneries! And your photos are beautuful too <3

  19. Hello, gorgeous collection of photos. Lovely scenes from the rainbows to the gorgeous views of the sky and mountains. Your do live in a great area with beautiful views. BTW, I was the youngest out of 4, two older sisters and a older brother. Wishing you a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

  20. Hello dear friend Karen. You have captured all beauty of this magnificent mountain and the surrounding area. Being from Washington, I truly think it's the most beautiful scenery in the world. I Have such fond memories of going up to Mt Rainier as a child. And, your writings have added to this joy. Have a safe, fun filled holiday weekend, Pat xx

  21. Awesome beauty!!!!

    Just amazing and oh so beautiful!

    Have a nice long weekend ~ FlowerLady

  22. It is so wonderful to have such a wonderful view every day. I especially love the "pink" mountain! I have seen Mt. Hood sometimes reflect a pink sunset and it is so lovely.

  23. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing your part of the world.

    Have a great weekend

  24. I really enjoyed your five this week. Such beautiful photos. I loved the rainbows especially. B xx

  25. A simply beautiful post, your photo's and the colours they show are just magical.
    Nature can offer so much and I am thankful that I have read your blog and have seen these wonderful colours and skies that our world offers.

    May your weekend be wonderful

    All the best Jan

  26. Hello Karen, wow the rainbows are beautiful and the mountain too! You live where it's so pretty and peaceful. I enjoyed your photos. Hope you have a nice holiday weekend.
    Julie xo

  27. You had me mesmerized looking at this mountain...the clouds, glaciers and the disaster this mountain could cause. I'm guessing this is not St. Helens. Thanks for the show and history.

  28. Hi dear friend ,, que lindas fotos del cielo ,, especialmente ese arco iris ,,,Espero que tengas un buen domingo junto a tus seres queridos

  29. What beautiful images, isn't it strange we tend to think of live volcanoes being in Europe but in fact they are all over the world. Your Mt Ranier is a lovely one to see.


  30. Absolutely stunning!!! I'm so glad I stopped by. The beauty of it all is such a treasure. It may be 'slow' in your area except for weather, but what a show!!

    And I love [being an avid birder] the special black bird keeping watch over a nearby nest.

  31. You know after I hit published last time I realized I never said my birth order LOL! My parents say they had two groups of kids because they had four kids and between my sister and myself they lost a baby, there is 8 years between us, so I guess I am the 5th of 6 kids and the first of the second set :)
    Oh my your pictures are just fantastic, it is so great you can get such wonderful close up pictures of the mountain. The rainbow is just beautiful!! I love when the sun hits the clouds and turns them pink, those are so pretty.. it is such a shame that people die trying to climb the mountain. Good to hear that you had good snow fall to feed the rivers and such! Let's hope it stays just the way it is and doesn't cause harm to anyone around. Have a wonderful weekend!

  32. Stunning, magical, mystical! I am in complete awe of both your photography and writing skills. I have looked at your photos several times now and realize what a beautiful "love letter" you have written to the mountain and the surrounding scenery.

    How wonderful to be able to wake up and view such majesty every day!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  33. Dear Karen...what gorgeous images! I love your views. Those rainbows are wonderful, as are the pink clouds! Mt. Rainier worries me a lot, but it sure is beautiful! We will be clos to Mt. Hood when we move, and other lesser volcanic mountains, so that is worrisome too. :-) Wonderful that your bird pair returns to build a nest each year. You have so many gorgeous sights from your patio.

  34. Karen, your rainbow pictures made my heart sing. They are wonderful. And the reflection of the sunset on the mountain top is beautiful. You live in a spectacular area with the weather always changing, but each season has its glorious beauty. Loved your pictures today, and thank you for sharing them. I got to see a little bit of another state, and that is so special to me.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend.


  35. HI Karen....
    I would never tire of that gorgeous view...just beautiful!
    Love the Crows!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  36. Dearest Karen,
    What a beautiful spot on Mother Earth have you both claimed as your own!
    WOW, that ever changing view, complete with rain bow or not is a dream.
    Yes, the mountain looking farther away or closer, we call that 'Spherical aberration' and we remember that from the big volcanic mountains in Indonesia where we lived and worked.
    Enjoy this beautiful time of the year.

  37. Such pretty pretty pictures! I've never been there so sure enjoy when you share these! What a gorgeous view!

  38. Such pretty pretty pictures! I've never been there so sure enjoy when you share these! What a gorgeous view!

  39. Gorgeous photos!! What a lovely site to enjoy each day. Have a wonderful afternoon!


  40. My dear Karen,

    you are sitting in the first row!
    What a beautiful, majestic mountain. The nature has so many gifts for us, we have the obligation to save this beauty for next generations.
    It´s in our hand to save this planet.
    Let me say it in President Obamas words:"Yes, we can!"
    Thank you for this interesting story, hugs Barbara

  41. Once again, your pictures are absolutely stunning!

  42. What breathtakingly beautiful scenery from your home, absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I'm still chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbows!!
    Have a wonderful June :)

  43. What an amazing view from that cozy deck, which is, in itself a jewel.

    Enjoy each moment in that peaceful surrounding.... Oh and beyond those awesome mountains.... More..... Do you see it? 😉


  44. Oh my, oh my ... these are breathtaking! TO have such a view in your corner of the world, it all must add so much joy to your heart and life.

    Thanks SO much for sharing these with us today.

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Karen!

  45. An amazing series of photos, Karen! The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and definitely more precious than some pots of gold. :)
    Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful photos! xx

  46. Hello Karen,

    I am back for blogging and I am so happy. :) I got a computer.
    I love to stop by at your blog again - your pictures are so entertaining. Anyway, I went to Asheville for honeymoon and we rented a house for a week. The spot just reminded me of you to see mountains and I just loved loved Asheville.

    I hope you have a good day!

  47. The photos of Mt. Rainier are so nice. Thanks for the commentary that went along with it. I've been close to it some years ago. I'd like to go back again. My sister lives in WA and always enjoy going there. Take care my friend!

  48. I've never seen Mt Rainier that close, but on a certain type of morning I can see it during my walk. There's something about the atmosphere that makes it look relatively close on those morning. I love that!

  49. Oh my what truly amazing photographs. the pink mountain in the sunset, swoon.

  50. wow, all so beautiful. I love the cotton candy clouds as you call them! I live in the hills of eastern KY so I too enjoy the mountains just without the glaciers lol
    Take care!~

  51. GREAT photos...I love the nature you have around you! So beautiful!
    Have a happy weekend, take care.

  52. Your view each day is so different and exciting. Often the most dangerous places to live are the most beautiful. Have a wonderful Sunday xx

  53. You are back!! I love rainbows :) I never see them here in Germany though. And wow...I love those photos of Mt. Rainier reflecting the sunset...some of the most amazing photos I have ever seen.


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