Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cottage Love - Good Fences

Come along with me and we will take a drive
around my little town for some Cottage Love. 

We start out on the appropriately named, Cottage Street
next to one of my very favorite cottages. 

Patriotic spirit reigns here. 

More patriotic spirit at this little charmer. 

I love the windows and tiny front porch.

The bright green window boxes
 and pretty light post give it flair.  

White picket fence, trim and bench 
set this sweet abode apart. 

A large 'picture window' looks out 
on a whimsical boxwood lined walkway.

A bit of gingerbread trim dresses up the peaked roof. 

Looking past the unfortunately placed telephone pole and hydrant, 
we see the most charming picket fence lined with roses and peonies. 

Pretty trees, red and green trimmed windows
 and matching porch rails 
give this cottage distinctive style. 

This 'newer' cottage with interesting roof-line 
and half moon windows is for sale. 

This cottage would look lovely with window boxes
 filled with flowers and a flower lined walkway.

I see potential.....

This delightful little cottage has it all; picket fence, arbor
sweet arched entry, trellis, and main street location.

Red door, trellis, Adirondack chair, and pretty little garden.
What's not to love?

A little white cat peers out the window
of a storybook cottage beneath tall trees.

I am in love with the cottage style door,
the tall windows and the unusual trim.

The green siding is also very nice.

This neat little cottage has a most welcoming front porch.

Patriotic pallet (what a cute idea!), rocking chairs,
and even a porch swing!

I could see myself spending a lovely summer afternoon here.

I do believe Hansel and Gretel live here.

I love the vine covered porch and the alpine fir.

The windows give this little cottage a bright outlook.

I can imagine the sweet bedrooms under the eaves.

A favorite cottage which I have featured before.

Is it the white lace curtains, the oval glassed door, the window boxes,
or the rose covered trellis that gives this cottage charm?

Perhaps all of the above!

White with blue trim, this recently updated cottage
 sports a hanging chair and a porch swing.

The old fashioned windows
and the letter 'B' on the door make it sweet.

Pretty colors with tree to match make this a welcoming entry.

(Sorry it is blurry - I had to snap this one quick)

Sometimes I had to take a rather quick photo
so as not to appear creepy :)

I wish I had captured this beauty in full.

I will have to go back and find it again.

I love the arched overhang by the front door and the beautiful windows.

The pretty arched gate, blooming shrubbery
 and unusual colors set this cottage apart.

A large chimney, picket fence with arbor,
lovely yellow paint, and tall firs give this cottage charm.

A large cottage garden with Quonset hut shed caught my eye.

A closer look reveals colorful trellises,
a bird feeder, and little windmill.

The residence is nearly hidden by flowering shrubs, vines and trees.

This darling shed with little garden
captured my imagination.

A newer cottage with neat stone wall and split cedar fence
charms us with two tone paint and trimmed shrubbery.

This recently painted, large cottage
still has the taped on window coverings.

Beautiful white trim is still being worked on.

I love the contrast of the dark porch support bases.


I hope you have enjoyed taking this cottage tour with me.

Which one is your favorite?

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Thank you, Theresa for hosting this fun meme!


  1. What a nice collection of houses and fences.. I love the cute cottages.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

  2. holy smokes, you packed them in! i LOVE the patriotic pallet! wow! loved the arched gateway. and the little bungalow with the arched entryway. those are my faves. :)

    thanks, karen!

  3. I guess after taking so many photos in this neighbourhood, you might appear a bit creepy ;) I'm so glad you did though, these are all adorable. I'd be happy in the very first house thank you ... love the darker shade of green together with the brown, the cedar shingled roof, the whisper of gingerbread, the shape of the chimney and the old windows. I think that about covers it! Wendy x
    ps great idea with the pallet flag, I wish we had stripes in our flag now!

  4. Such charming cottages and fences you have in your little town. I don't know if I can pick a favorite.

  5. wow, you found all sorts of beauties. i love the white picket fences. so pretty. ( :

  6. Thanks for the little tour around with the pretty houses and fences! We don't have too many pretty ones here just the white plastic ones! Lol! Take care and enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  7. Well I thought I had a favorite and then I saw another that was my favorite and then another that was my favorite...!! I love cottages. They're so charming. I even have a book somewhere on cottage life although our house is not a cottage. They just appeal to me. I imagine living in a cottage on the New England Atlantic shore. Sigh... (Summer only)

  8. These little cottages are all so cute, and love the white picket fences!!

  9. Ooops, I meant to put your first name on there, Karen, so sorry. I'm new to your blog, so I just got mixed up. :~) I really enjoy your blog posts, and every time I visit, I leave here with a smile.

  10. Such cute houses! I like the one with the rose covered trellis the best. I could live there!

  11. What an amazing assortment of cottages, fences, flowers and detail where each has made it their own. As soon as I'd think, "Oh, this is my favorite," along comes another! Thanks for the tour.

  12. I would take any of them! The garden blooms are sensational!!! I am so smitten with the cottages with the white picket fences...I have always wanted one and who knows...maybe one day I will add one to the front garden! The cottage with the front arbor and the roses growing over the top is just amazing! And I take photos of homes quickly too! HA! Wishing you an outstanding weekend friend! Nicole xoxo

  13. The one behind the telephone pole and fire hydrant reminds me of my grandparents' home, so it's my favorite. Also love the one with the rose trellis in front. thanks for the tour Karen! Cottages are so cozy!

  14. Wow there were so many great cottages and fence here. I think one of my favorites was the one with the fancy wrought iron gate towards the end of the post.

  15. A beautiful selection of cottages, all are pretty special but I liked the one with the Rose arbor and the cat in the window best.

  16. Dearest Karen,
    You indeed throw in a lot of fencing!
    My favorite is your Hansel and Gretel version...
    Hugs and happy weekend to you.

  17. Lovely selection of houses with their fences.

  18. My faves are #2 and #9. (Gee, hope I counted right.)
    xxoo, m & jb

  19. What an amazing collection of homes here. And the lawns are absolutely beautiful and very well-taken-care-of :)

  20. Oh,Karen; It is almost like reading a book with BEAUTIFUL series of fences♡♡♡ I cannot say my favorite, neither ;-) Thank you SO much for sharing these gorgeous pictures from your county; I would never enjoy then in Japan (^_^)v

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  21. Wow- that's a mess of cottages! I like them all, and the fences are great too.

  22. What lovely cottages, they are all so pretty!!! The one that is for sale has a beautiful garden, I love the way that it looks so cared for and welcoming. xx

  23. So pretty! I think I sighed on every sweet home :) And I don't think I can pick a favorite because they are all beautiful and unique in their own way.

    Thanks for sharing with us, sweet friend. Happy weekend to you!

  24. What a lovely tour... I feel like I've been out for a nice Sunday drive. I just need a stop at the ice cream stand now!

    And I chuckled at your one comment about hurrying to take pictures so as to not seem 'creepy'.

    Thanks for a lovely post.


  25. These homes are, indeed, full of charm.

  26. Hola Beatrice querida !! Que lindas casas !!que tenga un óptimo fin de semana

  27. Hello Karen!
    I so enjoyed the cottage drive along with you. Going for a drive is one of my favorite things to do! :-)
    I pray that when I am old my daughters will take me for a drove every now and then if I'm unable to drive myself. I'm not asking for much,lol.
    Each cottage was beautiful on its own way, but I do love number 12. Lace curtains and a picket fence, SOLD!
    Have a beautiful week-end.
    Joy! Debbie

  28. Oh I really just love American houses! These are all very sweet indeed. When I was a little girl I used to imagine different houses, down to the floor plans. My heart leaps on the rare occasion that I see a wooden house here in Scotland - they tend to be boxy and without front porches. My favourite is the Handsel and Gretel log cabin.

  29. Wonderful cottages and fences! I had several favorites. Glad you have Anna's hummingbirds there even over-winter!


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