Monday, March 31, 2014

Some Monday Ramblings and a Blog Giveaway Winner!

The last day of March and it is going out like a lamb. 

After a very wet week, we finally have some sunshine today! 

I was beginning to think we would never see the sun again. 

When I saw this rainbow, I knew there was hope....

The dark clouds are finally being pushed aside....

Oh, how I love that blue sky! 

The sunlight makes everything look so vibrant. 

The tiny white blossoms of the wild plum are fading now...

And falling to the ground like white confetti. 

The wild birds are pairing up to build their nests. 

This little Junco takes advantage of the suet cake I set out for the woodpeckers. 

The first Salmon Berry blossoms bring color to the greening woodlands 
and provide nectar for bees and hummingbirds.

Sunlight illuminates the first red tinted leaves of the roses

Peeking over holly and hydrangea. 

While we have waited for the rain to stop, Whitey has kept busy gathering things from around the house to guard on his bed. There are bones from his toy basket and a paper plate he licked clean and what else do I see? 

The cat food dish that he stole! 

He was actually sleeping on the hard floor when I went near his 'stash', 
woke up and warned me to 'stay away'. 

He is a funny little guy. 

I have caught a little 'bug' and have not been feeling myself, 
so I have been making good use of the couch and remote. 

I hate feeling under the weather when the sun is shining, but what can you do? 

So now a little drum roll, please.....and I will announce my Giveaway winner!

Number 6!
Chel from Sweetbriar Dreams!

Congratulations Chel!

Contact me so I can send you your prize!

Happy April Dear Friends! - don't be fooled!


Nor chance of birth or place has made us friends,
Being oftentimes of different tongues and nations,
But the endeavor for the selfsame ends,
With the same hopes, and fears, and aspirations.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow-


  1. I love those pictures of your spring! So glad the sun came out for you. I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy it. My husband was sick over the weekend and we had our first warm day:( Have a good week!

  2. congrats to your winner. funny whitey, mr. thief. :) glad you got to see some sunshine!

  3. Congrats to Chel!!! I must say that the world waking up by you is gorgeous! Just look at that rainbow! And the petals on the ground! It is a post of happy things to come for sure! And I do hope that you feel better soon! Keep those beautiful shots coming and a wonderful week to you friend! Nicole xoxo

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Does anyone know how to delete the links that turned up at the bottom of my comments page? I don't know how they got there! Thank you for your help. xo Karen

  6. I so appreciate your visits to my blog! I'm glad to hear that you're getting a break from the rain...hopefully the break is extended. We here in the "dry" part of the state have had more than 6 inches of rain in March alone. Crazy! (As for the links, I think there's something it the setup of your blog that allows them...but don't quote me!)

  7. Your dog is so cute! My cat has picked up a quirky habit of bringing twigs to the front door. And I think he does it all day long because I went out to find twigs all over the porch!! I thought the rainy weather was a bit tough this past week, especially with the kids on spring break.

    1. I forgot, under 'settings' on your blogger page is a tab called 'posts and comments'. That should pop up several settings, and toward the bottom is a setting called 'show back links'. Here you can hide back links.

  8. Congratulation to the winner - I won the rainbow thank you Eupemie!!!
    All the best

  9. Oh Wow!! Thanks Karen, you have made my day with your blog post and now with knowing such lovely things are coming! I can't find your email address and you are coming up as a no reply blogger so could you email me with yours and I will contact you separately? Have a wonderful day my lovely xx

  10. Yes, the sun came out our way too! Sorry you were under the weather.

  11. It's really greening up around there :) awesome pics.

  12. Congrats to the winner! Glad you are seeing some sun. I love the rainbow. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I know what you mean about making good use of the couch. What a cute little thief you have. :)

  13. Congrats to Chel Enjoy!!! so glad to see the sun & beautiful rainbow...I hope you feel better soon Karen...Champ is a funny wee thing...protecting his stash... I hope the cat recovered after he was robbed!! ...bless him.... Hugs May x x x

  14. Get better dear friend - hate to know you are unwell - cause I can't pop over to bring you some yummy home made soup - :(..
    Super fun for Chel -- lucky she is indeed!

  15. Dear karen,

    Congratulations to Chel for winning your pretty giveaway! I enjoyed your first signs of spring up in the mountains. Happy to see you had blue sky ast last :-)

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog too. Happy month of April!

    Madelief x

  16. Dearest Karen,
    Hope you are feeling better already!
    I'm behind reading posts due to our poor internet connections. Changing to satelite has not solved it... only early morning hours do work for me. But there is only so much you can do in a short time.
    Your garden is unfolding nicely and probably you also got too brave in dressing with less. In many spring times I've contracted a bladder infection so I am very cautious. Yesterday when I drove back and forth to Atlanta (some 6 hours) I wore my long silk knitted sweater with cotton cardigan underneath over a silk/cashmere jodpher pant with boots. Maybe looking somewhat warm but it gave me enough buffer. Like to stay healthy and fit.
    Our new duvets made us sleep like a rose... so proud for having accomplished that.
    Hugs to you,

  17. Beautiful post, as always. I hope you're feeling "right as rain" by now, Karen. X

  18. Love that you are seeing a bit of spring finally, and also so glad that the rain has let up. Looking forward to being in your area soon. Your little dog reminds me of one of my yorkies who has her little stashes of things in various hiding places. Interesting personalities.

  19. Dear Karen,

    Congratulations to the lucky winner. Your dog is so cute - don't they have lots of funny little ways how they behave.
    You must be so enjoying the warmer weather and spring days.
    Enjoy the week

  20. Dearest Karen;
    Really belated congratulation to your give away winner♪♪♪ I do love your rainbow shot and hope you have long fine weather for your spring now. LOVE to see and read your bird, dog and wonderful writing♡♡♡
    Thank you SO much for stopping by. I might get confused your profile name and Karen to find your post in my dashboard. But try to remember my new friend♪♪♪

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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