Friday, March 18, 2011

Beatrice Euphemie

Beatrice Euphemie was my maternal Grandmother of Scottish descent. She is the inspiration for my lifestyle. Together with my Irish fisherman Grandfather, she raised 7 daughters and 1 son during the depression. She lived in a classic white farmhouse and did all her own canning from her large and beautiful vegetable garden. She even made her own rootbeer! My favorite place in her old fashioned kitchen was her walk- in pantry with it's big window overlooking her prolific garden. Her pride and joy were her gladiolas that she grew from bulbs her grandmother passed down to her. Despite her many hardships, she always kept a beautiful home and gardens, was an excellent cook, and always fashionably dressed.  She always made time for the many impromptu visits from her large family, and kept her pantry stocked just for these occasions with delicious pies and cakes to serve with coffee. I'll always remember her standing at her back door with her flowered apron covering her pretty farmhouse dress, greeting us with a warm smile.

She passed along that 'can-do' spirit and her love of home and family to her children and her grandchildren. My Mother kept that spirit alive, keeping a beautiful home, cooking delicious meals, and overcoming all obstacles thrown in her way with the same ferocious can-do attitude.

I hope to pass that legacy along, and pay tribute to my Grandmother, Beatrice Euphemie and all the hardworking Mothers and Grandmothers, Daughters, Aunts, and Sisters who put their heart and soul into creating the life of their dreams, who value family above all else, and who work hard to make a house a home.

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